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We provide the following SDKs:

Training Webinars

We provide a regular schedule of training webinars and have a library of previously recorded webinars that can be viewed. These cover all aspects of our functionality and also getting started.


Additional Support

We can provide tailored support packages, such as:

Game Healthcheck
Platform Implementation Consultancy
Enhanced Technical Support

Account Management

Our customers receive a dedicated Account Manager who will provide all the help and support they need to make the most of deltaDNA and to make the most of their game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate MAU

Our pricing is one calendar month in arrears so at the end of each month the system calculates the number of active players in that month. An active player is one that has sent us at least one event during that month.

What types of ads does smartads mediation support

Smartads mediation supports both interstitial and rewarded video ads

Which ad networks does smartads mediation use

Smartads mediation supports two types of Ad Networks: Direct and Exchange. Our direct ad networks include Admob, Vungle, Amazon, Unity Ads, AdColony, Flurry, Chartboost, Mopub, Inmobi, HyperMX, Mobfox, ThirdPresence, AppLovin, LoopMe, Tapjoy and ironSource. You can find a full list of the ad networks that we work with here.

How much does smartads mediation cost

The pricing model for smartads mediation is based on a % share of the ad revenue achieved.

Can we choose which ad networks we work with

Yes, you can choose which ad networks to include in your game when you compile and install the SDK. You can find a full list of the ad networks that we work with here.

Who manages the relationships with the ad networks

DeltaDNA manages the accounts with all the ad networks on your behalf. This enables us to make sure that everything is working efficiently and performance can be tracked. We also handle any setup issues that you may experience when first integrating ads into your game.

Are there any options to change the mediation waterfall and use one network before the other

We manage the waterfall to ensure that you get the best revenue available for your ads. We can work with you to set certain networks to always be at the top of the waterfall and will therefore always show an ad first (if an ad is available).

Can we create our own internal cross-promotion ads to show within our games

Yes, we can set up house ads for you (internal cross-promotion ads). We can also control where in the waterfall the house ads will sit.

Do you blacklist certain ads by default

Yes, we automatically blacklist gambling and adult entertainment ads.

Can we restrict certain ads from appearing if they are over a certain content rating

Yes, we can restrict certain ads so that they are child-friendly or age appropriate for your app.

What are the minimum requirements for my game in order to integrate smartads mediation

You must use deltaDNA’s core analytics platform and SDK for smartads mediation to work properly. Our SDKs are available in IOS, Android and Unity. Unity requires Unity 5. iOS is iOS 7 or higher, and Android is API15.

Where can I get access to the smartads mediation SDKs

You can access the smartads mediation SDKs from Github

How does the payment of smartads mediation work

In terms of payment, we are registered with all the ad networks so deltaDNA will manage the payments on your behalf.

When will I receive payment from you

We will make payment to you within 30 days of the month end in which we receive payment from the ad networks.

Where can I find further information about smartads mediation

You can find further information about smartads mediation on the docs site.

How do I get started
I have more questions, whom should I talk to

Please get in touch with our Client Services team on [email protected], who will be happy to help.

How accurate are your predictive models

Our models have been rigorously tested using historical datasets from freetoplay games across a wide range of genres. Model estimates for quantities such as 90 day player LTV and retention typically achieve better than 90% accuracy with as little as 4 days of player data in our system.

Can I try deltaDNA for free

Yes. You can use deltaDNA free for 30 days. Contact us if you need an extended trial period.

What if I have multiple games, how is billing calculated

The numbers of MAUs across your games are combined to give you one overall MAU total. You will be billed according to your overall MAU total.

What billing options are there

You can supply credit card details, which is charged monthly in arrears, or you can pay by bank transfer. Our standard payment terms are 30 days.

What is your Academic License

DeltaDNA offers an Academic License to universities and colleges so that they can access the full functionality of the platform for free as long as it’s used for non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in signing up for an Academic License then get in touch.

How do I integrate my game into the platform

It is quick and easy to get started on deltaDNA. With our Quick Start integration, you can get up and running in three simple steps.

We also have comprehensive SDKs that give you the ability to send a wide range of pre-defined and custom events and supports both in-game messaging and A/B Testing. We support native implementations for iOS and Android as well as a micro core Unity version that will support iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PC standalone and Web Player.

The final version is a REST API, which exposes all the functionality through a simple Web interface. This allows you to integrate with deltaDNA from the server or through any device that supports http.

Can I see my games across multiple platforms

Yes, we cater for all common platforms including iOS, Android, Unity, Play Canvas etc. and our analytics functionality allows games and platforms to be compared.

How much admin functionality is there

We give you the ability to manage your games, invite and manage your users, and adjust user access and permissions. You can also view your actual and projected MAU, along with your estimated charges for that month.

What about event management functionality

Your event structure can be as simple or as complex as you like. We automatically instrument a subset of basic events with every game added so you can start to send data straight away. You also have access to 50 pre-defined events to make it easy to quickly build your events list. Every event that is sent to deltaDNA is validated against the event list, before it is allowed into the data warehouse, ensuring data accuracy.

Can I really have unlimited users and games in the same pricing model

Yes. We encourage a game portfolio approach, as there are considerable budget benefits when you have games at different stages. Games in beta can access advanced functionality to optimize the experience before launch.

What levels of support are there

Everyone has access to our Help Portal, webinar tutorials, and user forums. You can also contact us at [email protected] with any issues. We also offer integration support.

If I need additional training, what is available

We can provide advanced training tutorials, consultancy projects, and bespoke support requests. See our Consultancy page for more details or contact us at [email protected]

How long is data stored

The Measure Dashboards contain your aggregated data and it is kept indefinitely. Your raw data for use in the Analyze tools is available for 31 days as the default. You can extend your data retention period as required.

You also have access to your historic event data in Amazon S3 in the form of compressed CSV files for the duration of your licence with us.

Can I backfill my game with legacy data

Yes. It is possible to populate deltaDNA with data from your game even if it has been running for a long time. Please contact our support team to make arrangements in the first instance. The preferred method for sending legacy data is through the deltaDNA REST API as this ensures the data is subject to the same validation and processing conditions as live events. A translator / processor may be required to convert your legacy data to deltaDNA events, this is something that you can do in-house or have deltaDNA undertake for you.

Is the deltaDNA platform compliant with COPPA, the children’s online privacy protection act

Yes, the deltaDNA platform is compliant with COPPA. Our system as standard does not collect any personal information. The deltaDNA ID that we use is not persistent across online services. This means that the deltaDNA ID does not recognise a user over time or across different websites or online services. You have the option to use other IDs that would be persistent identifiers but if you do you will need to comply with COPPA and obtain parental consent.

EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

We already have robust data security measures in place but with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations coming into force in May 2018, we’ve taken additional measures to ensure our compliance with the new regulations. Click here to read our GDPR FAQ.

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