The deep data analytics
& marketing platform

Know your players.
Build better player experiences.

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The deep data analytics
& marketing platform

Know your players.
Build better player experiences.

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The deep data difference

Granular data empowers developers and marketers

player interaction

Unparalleled insight into first time user experience and player progress.

High Definition
player segments

Filter by any in-game criteria or event to build incredibly accurate segments.

Real time
marketing campaigns

Target your player segments live as they play, and build campaigns.


A player-focused analytics approach to in-game advertising.

HD player segments

All your player and game data is exposed for analysis and real-time targeting of the right marketing messages to the right players at the right point in the game

Make frustrated
players happy

Anticipate, based on playing style, when  a player is going to struggle.

Make offers at
just the right time

Deliver marketing campaigns at just the right point within the game.

Test out changes
to the game

Optimize your campaigns by testing against all of your game metrics.

player progress

Every player type receives an in-game experience that supports their style.

Incredible campaigns

Characterize your players with high definition segments for intensely accurate real-time marketing

  • “We have recently transformed our understanding of player behaviors by using deltaDNA.  The ability to analyze player behaviors in a powerful environment right down to event level has really unlocked engagement in our F2P titles.”

    JOEL BRETONSVP Game Development, 505 Games
  • “I am very thrilled about the deltaDNA Direct Access tool. I can now join and union queries in one simple SQL script, saving lots of time. I can rename, combine and reorder variables when extracting data.”

    LENE JUNG KJÆRGames Analyst, Reto Moto
  • “Helped by the very responsive team, deltaDNA gave us the possibility to make easily quick and precise analysis on our data, thanks to its dedicated features and direct access tool. No study looks impossible with deltaDNA!”

    Céline Holzmann
    Céline HolzmannData Analyst, Bandai Namco Entertainment
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