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DeltaDNA provides deep data analytics and real-time marketing platform tools, along with on-boarding support and consultancy services.

We work with you to build a package that suits your objectives, your in-house skills and your budget so you can achieve the best possible return on your investment in our technology.

To arrange a demo, or to discuss pricing, contact our success team.


Our full suite of services

Learn from your data
Learn from your data

Uncover all the insights buried in your game data with deltaDNA's data mining, visualizations and reporting tools.


Interact with your players
Interact with your players

Engage your players as they want to be engaged, on a personal basis, in real time.


Work with industry experts
Work with industry experts

Make the most of deltaDNA's expertise with workshops, reports, and ongoing support.


Pricing FAQs

How do you calculate MAU

Our pricing is one calendar month in arrears so at the end of each month the system calculates the number of active players in that month. An active player is one that has sent us at least one event during that month.

Can I try deltaDNA for free

Yes. You can use deltaDNA free for 30 days. Contact us if you need an extended trial period.

What if I have multiple games, how is billing calculated

The numbers of MAUs across your games are combined to give you one overall MAU total. You will be billed according to your overall MAU total.

What billing options are there

You can supply credit card details, which is charged monthly in arrears, or you can pay by bank transfer. Our standard payment terms are 30 days.

What is your Academic License

DeltaDNA offers an Academic License to universities and colleges so that they can access the full functionality of the platform for free as long as it’s used for non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in signing up for an Academic License then get in touch.

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