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80% data 20% luck: How to make profitable games in 2019

Dr Isaac Roseboom, Chief Product Officer, deltaDNA

Analytics – How and why you are making a mess of it and ruining your analysts’ lives

Dr Dan Bergin-Holly – Product Lead, Exient

How to make globally successful kids’ games

Matt Sheppard – Technical Solutions Manager, Turner

GDC 2018 – 10 post launch CRM strategies you need to know to maximize revenues

Mark Robinson and Isaac Roseboom – deltaDNA

UK GIAF Fall 2017 – Video Advertising Strategy For F2P Mobile Gaming

Sharon Biggar – Chief Analytics Officer, SocialPoint

iGaming Business Webinar – Driving loyalty in online casinos

Mark Robinson – CEO, deltaDNA

UK GIAF Fall 2017 – Important Trends in Ad Strategies and How To Benefit From Them

Isaac Roseboom – Chief Strategy Officer, deltaDNA

iGaming Business Webinar – Achieving better engagement and LTVs by combining gamification and real-time marketing

Mark Robinson – CEO, deltaDNA

iGaming Business Webinar – Real-time approaches to fraud and social responsibility

Mark Robinson – CEO, deltaDNA

UK GIAF: Spring 2017 – What the best games know that the rest don’t

Isaac Roseboom – Head of Insight, deltaDNA

UK GIAF: Spring 2017 – Understanding and improving games through machine learning

Natasha Latysheva – Data Scientist, Jagex

iGaming webinar – Using gamification and personalisation to enhance player value

Mark Robinson – CEO, deltaDNA

iGaming webinar – Real time player management lessons from social casino

Isaac Roseboom – Head of Insight, deltaDNA

GDC 2017 – What the best games know that the rest don’t

Isaac Roseboom – Head of Insight, deltaDNA

GDC 2016 – Top soft launch strategies for awesome metrics

Mark Robinson – CEO, deltaDNA & Stefano Melucci – VP Product, Thumbspire

Game Connection Paris 2016 – Making games pay: data secrets for game monetization

Mark Robinson – CEO, deltaDNA & Sara Bayley – Data analyst, Genera

UK GIAF: Summer 2015 – Trends in game analytics: What’s happening and why?

Heather Stark – Analyst, Kirnan Limited

USA GIAF: Spring 2015 – The analytics journey at FunPlus

Deniz Gezgin – Studio Lead, FunPlus

UK GIAF: Winter 2015 – Analytical techniques: A practical guide to answering business questions

Fred Easey – Head of Analytics, Space Ape Games

UK GIAF: Summer 2015 – From data science to data impact

Volodymyr (Vlad) Kazantsev – Head of Data Science, Product Madness

USA GIAF: Spring 2015 – Demystifying data

Pallas Horwitz – Data Scientist, Blue Shell Games

UK GIAF: Winter 2015 – Slot machines: Tweaking randomness in social casino

Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas – CEO, Frogames

USA GIAF: Winter 2015 – Measuring Collaboration in a Multiplayer Game

Deirdre Kerr – Associate Research Scientist at Educational Testing Service (ETS)

USA GIAF: Winter 2015 – The secrets to successful F2P ad monetization

Mark Robinson – CEO at deltaDNA

USA GIAF: Fall 2015 – Lean analytics

Will Perone – CTO at Wicked Fun

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