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In this Feature Focus, we’re looking at our campaign QA testing toolkit. By adding sophistication and more safeguarding, we have changed the way that different users can easily participate in QA testing with deltaDNA. The whole process is more accessible and less intimidating than ever before.

Why is QA testing important?

Before a campaign goes out to its target segment of the wider playerbase, it needs to be successfully tested in a live environment.

In your dev/staging environment, you can confidently test the functionality of individual actions in isolation. However, good QA also takes into account the effect of new variables on pre-existing campaigns and behaviors. Understanding that is impossible outside of your live environment.

QA testing your campaigns therefore relies on careful selection of a small target segment among your actual players. This is where things can get dicey.

When the difference between testing an offer on 10 devices and sending it to 10 million players comes down to choosing between segments side by side, QA becomes a very high-stakes business with no margin for error.

What have we changed?

We’ve added some safeguarding and signposting to eliminate risk of error and sleepless nights.

There are now 2 key roles in the process: publishers and testers. Anyone can create a pre-designated test segment and use them in campaigns, but only publishers can push out campaigns to the wider audience. This means that inexperienced users no longer have to worry about accidentally blasting players en masse – they have a curated list of test segments to choose from and can target only those players.

Signposting and safeguarding within campaign creation

When a user with ‘tester’ privileges comes to finalize a campaign, the publish button is grayed out and unavailable.

Furthermore, any user constructing a campaign without any available test segments will be warned as such. In this scenario, the user is prompted to create a suitable test segment. The segment(s) created are instantly available for use so that the user can complete the entire process without leaving the campaign creation flow.

Why is it useful?

We recognize that it is often marketers and producers, not QA experts and experienced engineers, that need access to campaign tools. Our tools have democratized the QA process and eased the workload on the publishers – anyone can be a tester!

Live environment QA testing gives you 100% confidence in the functional, mechanical, and contextual impact of a campaign. The path to that confidence is now much less fraught and much more accessible.



If you have any questions about QA testing, or anything else, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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