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It’s sometimes difficult to understand the overall performance of your own game, never mind the industry as a whole. We wanted to demystify industry health, progress, and direction. So, using anonymized data from our clients, we have created the deltaDNA index.

The report takes in conversion, revenues, retention, and ad strategy – as well as breaking things down by genre to examine things on a deeper level. Get your free report here.

Russell Young, Senior Analyst

The mobile games market is more crowded now than ever and that competition should logically have a negative impact on the average game’s success. However, data from our platform shows that our clients’ use of best practice engagement has paid dividends.


2020 marks the first edition of the deltaDNA index, which looks at data from the preceding 4 years (2016-2019). We’ll revisit the index every year to build on its findings and deepen our collective understanding of our fascinating industry.



If you have any questions about this piece, or would like to work with the experts who pulled this report together, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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