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The casual word games field is very crowded with at least three similar games charting in the current top 50 and many hundred others vying for attention. So when PeopleFun decided to step into this busy market with Wordscapes, they were focused on making sure the game was well-balanced to drive success.

PeopleFun has been a client of deltaDNA for several years in a collaboration that combines technology and consulting. DeltaDNA’s industry leading analytics and personalization platform drives analysis of player behaviors at PeopleFun.

In the Summer of 2017, the two teams worked together on the launch of Wordscapes. Initially the Wordscapes game showed good retention but there were concerns about low conversion to paying and low ARPPU.

Behavioral analytics revealed a diverse player base, with a minority of struggling players providing all the revenue whilst the rest of the player base breezed through the game without needing help. Armed with this knowledge, and using a combination of A/B tests and modelling, adjustments to the difficulty curve resulted in improvements in conversion. The same approach with item pricing had the desired effect on revenues as well.

By using A/B tests to iterate game balancing the in-app ARPDAU rose from 2c to 10c allowing an investment in acquisition that took the MAU base from 10 thousand to 2 million. The average transaction size increased from $2.20 to $4.10 – all of which led to a very nice result for PeopleFun and happy players.

John Boog-Scott, COO of PeopleFun, says ‘The guys at deltaDNA have been an important partner for us, sharing their industry expertise to fast-track our success in free-to-play. We look forward to achieving even greater successes in our collaboration as we intend to keep learning from them.’

Mark Robinson, CEO at deltaDNA, commented ‘Making games is tough work and we get a kick out of helping our clients succeed in this challenging market. We believe that technology is a big part of the answer but so is industry know-how and best practice. The guys at PeopleFun approach their work with intelligence and a desire to learn. They deserve every success.’


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