We are the game specialists

We are the game specialists

We provide the tools and knowledge needed to manage the whole game economy effectively, in one place, with vast industry experience embedded directly in our tech.

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Easily unlock insights using our powerful tools by querying rich player data and using deep reporting on campaign performance. Analysts need an environment that lets them chase a train of thought from curiosity through to action and that’s exactly what we provide.



Engagement makes or breaks games so deltaDNA delivers precision-targeted multi-channel CRM across in-session, push and email messaging. Powerful A/B testing tools allow rapid optimization of campaigns. Intelligent technology for intelligent people!

What we do

360° vision

No roadblocks here – we sit at the centre of your technology ecosystem. We work with ad networks, back-end services, and attribution partners to give you a full view of your players so you make the best decisions on managing their experience.

Ad management

We allow our clients to apply the same sophisticated approach to ads as they do to IAP monetization. Our suite of unique predictive models provides user-level Ad LTVs to improve ad strategies and understand acquisition channel profitability. These are ads that work for everybody.

Consultancy & benchmarking

Our designers and analysts combine playtesting with metric comparison from thousands of peer games to provide a range of reports to improve your game performance. No stone unturned, no metric ignored.

Risk mitigation

By making mobile game revenues much more predictable, we are safeguarding publishers against delivering games that underperform. If your game metrics are keeping you up at night, we’ll help you to make changes and remedy that. Late nights are for celebrations, not worries.

Insights, research & best practice

We have a crack team of experts eternally out in the field – giving keynotes, leading workshops, hosting events and getting jet-lagged – all with the aim of leading the industry in creating best practices. When they’re not on the move, they’re cranking out resources like these.

Why we do it

Why we do it

1. We are passionate about games

2. No-one else does

We are driven to give players the best experiences possible, but only by doing things in the right way. The integrity and security of data is a fundamental part of what we do. We don’t sell player data on to third parties and we are completely transparent with our clients. Players, developers, and publishers deserve analytics purpose-built specifically for games. So we did it.

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