The technology at the heart of our platform delivers the power,
speed and flexibility that keeps us ahead


The deltaDNA is a BIG DATA platform designed specifically to achieve blisteringly fast performance on huge data sets. The back-end of the platform has two state-of-the-art database clusters.


Vertica is our Data Warehouse and VoltDB is our in-memory real time database.


At the heart of the platform is a combination of NoSQL and New SQL data infrastructure giving the platform the best access to modern database technology while giving our clients access to a standard SQL interface to their data.


See Vertica case study


A unique aspect of the deltaDNA platform is our Direct Access capability. This gives users plug-in access to the Vertica data warehouse through our unique proprietary access technology.


Users have the ability to query their data and use third party tools directly against our Vertica Cluster. By supporting all industry standard database connection protocols , including JDBC, ODBC, ADO etc. we give our clients unrivalled flexibility to use their data.


deltaDNA uses in memory database architecture to provide realtime responses. This provides the ability to make a decision on a user in milliseconds and respond live, as they play.


This ensures offer are made at exactly the right time, which is vital. The platform delivers this performance by using a state of the art VoltDB cluster that allows millisecond responses on millions of transactions.


The speed and machine learning power of Vertica enables deltaDNA’s highly accurate LTV and player churn forecasting capability and also drives our predictive segmentation feature set.


Vertica provides the capability to identify, target and engage with players fitting segmented criteria with personalized interactions, live in-game.

Did you know?

Dr Michael Stonebreaker co‐founded both Vertica and VoltDB. He was also the main architect of PostgreSQL, three technologies that are at the heart of deltaDNA.

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