SmartAds analytics bundle

Why pay for separate analytics?

If you’re concerned about the rising costs of analytics, as the popularity of your game grows, you can off-set this with the deltaDNA SmartAds & Analytics bundle, and have deltaDNA analytics is built-in.

By bundling deltaDNA analysis tools with SmartAds, you can have all your data in one place for complete control over your in-game economy. You can see how to improve player interaction with rewarded ads and where ads are cannibalizing IAP revenue. Contact us to see if you qualify.

There’s nothing to lose, except your analytics charges!

Put SmartAds to the test

SmartAds provides intelligent player-focused ad mediation across 30 major networks. See how it performs against your existing networks by addiing SmartAds as an additional network, or try us out as your main mediation tool.

Afterwards, we’ll show you how your players have interacted with your ads, from the data we’ve received.

Get results and insights on player engagement!

See what’s included

Independent player optimized mediation across 30+ ad networks – for high eCPM & fill-rate
Integrated ad network and player data – for an holistic view of your game
Player micro-segmentation and real-time targeting – to protect IAP revenue
AB testing of Ad campaign mechanics – to optimize ad engagement
Automated predictive player modelling – to optimize eCPM and Ad fill rate
Integrated deltaDNA analytics – for confident implementation of ad strategy

We’ve advised over 1,000 games, so we know what works.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ads does SmartAds support
SmartAds supports both interstitial and rewarded video ads.
Which ad networks does SmartAds use
SmartAds supports two types of Ad Networks: Direct and Exchange. Our direct ad networks include Admob, Vungle, Amazon, Unity Ads, Ad Colony, Flurry, Chartboost, Mopub, Inmobi & Mobfox. You can find a full list of the ad networks that we work with here.
How much does SmartAds cost
The pricing model for SmartAds is based on a % share of the ad revenue achieved.
Can we choose which ad networks we work with
Yes, you can choose which ad networks to include in your game when you compile and install the SDK. You can find a full list of the ad networks that we work with here.
Who manages the relationships with the ad networks
DeltaDNA manages the accounts with all the ad networks on your behalf. This enables us to make sure that everything is working efficiently and performance can be tracked. We also handle any setup issues that you may experience when first integrating ads into your game.
Are there any options to change the mediation waterfall and use one network before the other
We manage the waterfall to ensure that you get the best revenue available for your ads. We can work with you to set certain networks to always be at the ‘top’ of the waterfall and will therefore always show an ad first (if an ad is available).
Can we create our own internal cross-promotion ads to show within our games
Yes, we can set up house ads for you (internal cross promotion ads). We can also control where in the waterfall the house ads will sit.
Do you blacklist certain ads by default
Yes, we automatically blacklist gambling and adult entertainment ads.
Can we restrict certain ads from appearing if they are over a certain content rating
Yes, we can restrict certain ads so that they are child-friendly or age appropriate for your app.
What are the minimum requirements for my game in order to integrate SmartAds
You must use deltaDNA’s core analytics platform and SDK for Smart Ads to work properly. Our SDKs are available in IOS, Android and Unity. Unity requires Unity 5. iOS is iOS 7 or higher, and Android is API15.
Where can I get access to the SmartAds SDKs
You can access the SmartAds SDKs from Github.
How does the payment of SmartAds work
In terms of payment, we are registered with all the ad networks so deltaDNA will manage the payments on your behalf.
When will I receive payment from you
We will make payment to you within 30 days of the month end in which we receive payment from the ad networks.
Where can I find further information about SmartAds
You can find further information about SmartAds on the docs site.

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