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The deltaDNA index (2016-2019)

To understand the state and direction of industry performance, we condensed the most important KPIs for games into a single representative measure – the deltaDNA index.

Monetization guide

Monetization guide

Successful game monetization in 2019 involves spinning a lot of plates. We collated our essential tips for what to do and what to avoid doing as a game-maker looking to monetize their games.


In-game advertising survey results 2019

This is the fifth year of the annual deltaDNA in-game advertising study and, once again, 2019’s survey results broadly follow the trends seen in previous years. However, ad revenues have increased significantly year on year.

Engagement guide

Engagement guide

This guide details our top 7 CRM strategies crucial to effective player engagement – the number one priority for any game-maker looking to achieve long-term success.


6 proven ways to improve ad strategy in mobile games

In this guide our Insight team provide 6 surefire ways to improve ad strategy – giving advice for developers of mobile games and citing examples of effective optimization from case studies.

Retention The Universal Guide

Retention: the universal guide

Player demographics are more varied now than ever before but they all share certain experiences. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide for using those ‘universals’ to your advantage.

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Personalize to monetize

Personalization isn’t just about marketing campaigns. In this guide, we explore how data insight and testing can lead to games that are designed to react to different playing styles, with a view to improving the in-game experience and engagement.

Resources – Games

Top soft launch strategies for awesome metrics

Find out why soft launch matters, the game mechanics that you can test, how to achieve great results and how to make sure you use the right process.

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Buyer’s guide

We explore 10 vital considerations for choosing a game analytics & marketing solution. The guide includes how objectives lead to different buying strategies, whether data should be big, raw or deep, and is real-time necessary?

Ad Survey 2018

In-game advertising survey results 2018

Now in its fourth consecutive year, the results of the deltaDNA In-game Advertising Survey for 2018 reveal a fascinating combination of similarities to, and departures from, the results gathered in late 2017.

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Optimizing ad monetization

There are five factors to consider when optimizing ad revenue, the least of which is eCPM. Find out why nearly every developer is leaving money on the table when it comes to their ad strategy, and why many may have been better off not serving ads.

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Player data visualization guide

Understanding how players interact with your game is an important step towards optimizing both the player experience and game performance. We look at some of the advanced techniques employed by our data science team.

Resources – Games

A developers guide to A/B testing

In this guide, we look in detail at how to optimize your testing strategies, frequency and size of test groups, how to reduce churn with ‘tutorial flow tests’, and how difficulty, pace and balance impacts player perceptions.


Benchmark sample report

Here at deltaDNA we believe in actionable insights, not only gained through the platform tools, but also through our dedicated game design and analytics teams. We play test, benchmark and analyze games that integrate with deltaDNA.

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Dr Roseboom’s game analytics insight compendium: Volume 1

Dr Roseboom, our resident rocket scientist, kicks-off the series with a look at why players leave, why non-spenders are important, whether old phones monetize and when games make the most money.

Resources – Games

Dr Roseboom’s game analytics insight compendium: Volume 2

He’s back! DeltaDNA’s data mining dazzler runs through more crucial insights that are needed to make great games. In Vol. 2 he looks at pricing strategies, user acquisition, soft launch and Whales.

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Dr Roseboom’s game analytics insight compendium: Volume 3

If data science is the new rock ‘n roll, then deltaDNA’s own Elvis is back in the building. In Vol. 3 he croons about sample size when testing, multiple payments, gender splits and churn prediction. Uh-hu-huh.

Resources – Games

The secrets to successful F2P ad monetization

This on-demand VentureBeat webinar features Dean Takahashi and gives you the low-down on how to monetize your game using ads, without losing players; and how advertising can be made to work in F2P without impacting IAP.

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Player retention guide

Most players don’t return after their first session. So, we look at what makes a game sticky. Covering how to compete for their attention, how to optimize their on-boarding experience.

Resources – Games

Build or buy game analytics?

In this article and video, Chris Wright, CTO of deltaDNA talks about his experience of building and maintaining the deltaDNA platform, and the criteria you should consider when deciding whether to build or buy game analytics.

Resources – Games

Engagement & monetization guide

This popular guide looks at why players leave, the role of personalization and how to increase monetization without detrimentally affecting player retention. We also look at the metrics best used for segmentation.

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