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Resources – Gambling

Gamification marketing with limited data

With this guide, we explore what level of gamification and personalization can be achieved, from the most limited CRM data, and each stage beyond.

Resources – Gambling

What free-to-play can teach gambling

When you give your game away for free, you really need to make sure you are great at keeping players playing. In this guide, we look at how the retention techniques employed in F2P can extend player lifetimes in gambling.

Resources – Gambling

Making gamification work in gambling

Here, we look at the game design techniques that can be employed to make players stay and pay. We look at why players leave, real-time marketing and successful strategies.

Resources – Gambling

Dealing with problem players

Self exclusion doesn’t work for anyone. it provides no support to the player and the disincentivises the operator to help. We look at how to identify players with a problem and encourage positive play.

Resources – Gambling

Player retention with real-time CRM

We look at three key areas in this guide. Cutting-edge retention lessons, how to make the best use of your data and the difference between BI and app analytics in gambling.

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