The deltaDNA platform provides end-to-end player management technology for game-makers

Watch this short video for more info


The deltaDNA platform provides end-to-end player management technology for game-makers

Watch this short video for more info



The deltaDNA platform provides all the tools you’ll need to perfect each user’s gameplay experience. Transform retention, monetization, and engagement KPIs through constant optimization.

Segmentation & targeting

Build simple or complex targeting groups with the powerful and intuitive player segmentation tools.

Rich in-game data, collected in the platform, allows you to categorize players in sophisticated ways and build effective multi-channel messaging strategies accordingly.



In-game messaging

Engage players in response to their behaviors in using event-triggered campaigns. deltaDNA’s real-time engine receives information and delivers appropriate messages to players immediately to maximize their effectiveness.

Messaging is most effective in-game, responding to early risk of churn or capitalizing on monetization opportunities.

Push notifications

Integrate push notification into your player management strategy with deltaDNA’s dynamic fully-featured notification toolkit.

The push toolkit incorporates full localization and dynamic fields, as well as support for badges and action keys.

  • "Being able to tailor our players' experiences based on their data thanks to deltaDNA’s engagement and analytics tools has significantly improved the performance of our mobile games. It is no doubt the best analytical tool I’ve worked with."

    Behaviour Interactive Gregory Feuz, Head of Live Operations



Send personalized email through deltaDNA using SendGrid. Integrating most leading email providers with deltaDNA (via two-way API integration) is easy.

Campaign performance can be analyzed within the deltaDNA platform, with full data mining functionality.

A/B Testing

You can run A/B tests on any actions (offers, messages etc.) served within the platform.

The ability to experiment quickly and optimize effectively is crucial to maximizing player engagement and game profitability.



  • "We have used many analytics tools in our 7+ year journey so far at Supersolid and we now choose to work with deltaDNA to optimize our games. DeltaDNA allows us to understand our players more deeply and - with their tools - test various strategies, onboarding and difficulty levels, giving us the insight to create better games."

    Supersolid Ed Chin, CEO

Game balancing

Balance your game for individual players with proactive adjustments to difficulty, applied in real time as players reveal their skill level.

Good game balancing is an essential part of keeping the player base happy and engaged, from novices seeking reward to experts in need of a challenge.

Campaign management

Manage multi-step and multi-variant campaigns across all channels, using deep and accessible reporting to track both individual and batches of campaigns.

Effective and flexible campaign reporting facilitates understanding – and therefore optimization – of your engagement strategy. This allows you to test all manner of variations to difficulty, rewards, UX, and economy management without your players noticing a thing.


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