USA GIAF: Fall 2016
took place on November 9th in San Francisco

The USA Games Industry Analytics Forum is a series of completely FREE events for anyone using analytics professionally to make better games. Held in San Francisco, USA GIAF features an ever-changing mix of industry experts in-the-know, speaking on a wide range of topics. The focus is on sharing knowledge within a friendly and informal environment (topped off with beer & pizza).

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Fall USA GIAF 2016 featured:

Kieran Barr
Vice President Mobile at Newzoo

Five key trends shaping the future of mobile games

In this presentation, VP Mobile Kieran Barr shared Newzoo’s vision on the future of mobile games and the trends that will shape the industry in the coming years. With fresh insights from our latest research and new global mobile intelligence products, he touched on the regions that are driving revenue growth including unique data on the China mobile ecosystem, the trade balance between East and West and how esports along with AR/VR are impacting the global mobile games market.

Henry Oh
VP – Sales & Ops at Tenjin

Overview of new developments and recent trends in mobile marketing

In this update of new and recent developments impacting the mobile marketer, Tenjin’s Henry Oh outlined how to stay current on the latest user acquisition techniques and how the most advanced mobile marketers are using Facebook Lookalike targeting or Google’ Similar Audiences to achieve great results. He also discussed the early lessons from Apple’s App Store Search ads.

Mark Robinson
Chief Executive Officer at deltaDNA

Making games pay: Data secrets for monetization

DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson discussed why user experience is more important than churn when balancing ads with IAP to optimize monetization. He demonstrated how to find out whether you have a healthy game, and what you need to do to fix it. He also revealed the one thing that’s holding back rewarded advertising strategies – and why it’s much more serious than you think!

Previous events

USA GIAF: Winter 2015
took place on December 10th in San Francisco

Missed the event? Check out the slides from our fantastic line-up of speakers. Video coming soon.

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Winter GIAF USA featured:

Filippo De Rose
Business Performance Manager at

Trends in mobile gaming marketing, UA and analytics in 2016

A Q&A session, hosted by deltaDNA’s David Zemke, exploring the trends we’re likely to see in 2016. Topics covered included what to expect from mobile ad networks and how Filippo is developing business performance at 99 games.

Dierdre Kerr
Associate Research Scientist at Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Measuring collaboration in a multiplayer game

The kind of collaborator an individual is can have a huge impact on not only their game experience, but their teammates’ experiences as well. However, determining this solely from in-game behavior can be a difficult task. In this talk, you will hear about the different types of collaborative behavior anticipated in game environments, how evidence about an individual’s collaboration type can be identified from the log data, and how that evidence might be used to create a better player experience.

The secrets to successful F2P ad monetization: An analytics perspective 

DeltaDNA surveyed developers to find out how they approach in-game advertising in their highest monetizing F2P games. We questioned them on their concerns, thoughts for the future, and asked them to share their top tips. Find out the insights generated from this data. Learn what games are doing in different genres and with different player types, from indie to major.

GIAF USA: Summer 2015
took place on August 10th in San Francisco


Missed the event? Check out these slides from our fantastic line-up of speakers and read about their talks.

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Summer GIAF USA featured:

Sr Director of Player Engagement Mobile at EA

Nurturing the player journey

How do you engage, nurture, and stay relevant with your players at every step of their journey? Find out how EA is building a player responsive model and a carefully curated player journey to deliver great customer experiences.

Lean analytics

Wicked Fun is a design driven game studio founded by industry veterans Terry Redfield and Will Perone. Discover all the shortcuts it’s taken to get the biggest ‘bang for the buck’ in regard to analytics, supporting systems, and staffing. 

VP of Technology
at IMVU 

Analytics architecture at IMVU

IMVU is a leading entertainment social network, built on a culture of experimentation and analysis. Jon will share the architecture used to analyze the user base and improve both the product and the business results.

Head of Gaming
at Immersion Corp 

Using data to prove the value of haptics

Haptics, the use of touch feedback in mobile content, has historically been very difficult to quantify in terms of the impact on player experience. Through advancements in tools and techniques, find out how Immersion has gathered real data to prove its value.

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