We provide you with all the tools you will need
to manage each user’s gameplay experience
and optimize retention and monetization within the game.


Acquisition Optimizer

Integration with leading attribution providers like AppsFlyer and HasOffers links acquisition channels with deep player behavior and user data to provide essential insight into their effectiveness.

Through custom segmentation, it is now possible to determine the channels most effective at acquiring spenders and compare CPI with forecasts of LTV and retention to establish value and prioritize marketing spend.

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A/B Testing

Take the guesswork out of campaigns. We provide the most advanced multivariate testing, with unlimited parallel variations along with significance testing and a calendar view.

The results of A/B testing can be evaluated against 55 dashboard charts to fully understand the consequences for both your players and the game.

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Our super intuitive segmentation builder guides you through building highly defined user segments. You can create complex micro-segments based on any aspect of your data, that can be used for evaluation and real-time campaigns.

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We provide a full suite of tools that allow you to interact with your players. With deltaDNA, you can use segments and triggers to send out campaigns using Push Notifications, In-game Messaging and Email. In-Game messaging can be triggered to appear at any point within your game and you can set-up multi-phased campaigns that depend on previous interactions, so you can really manage the player user experience.

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With deltaDNA’s email capability, you can use deltaDNA’s micro-segmentation and targeting tools to send campaign and transactional email via your third-party email tool. DeltaDNA can integrate via two-way API integration with most leading email providers, such as SendGrid and ExactTarget. Campaign results are made available for analysis and data mining in the deltaDNA platform.


Increase your player engagement by personalizing the gaming experience for your individual players. Respond to your players’ behavioral characteristics live, in-game, in milliseconds.

Identify behavioral player segments using any combination of in-game parameters. Our Big Data analysis platform enables live in-game targeting.

Specifically, the platform architecture collects, processes and actions event data within 200ms, enabling you to identify players on the basis of segmentation criteria and engage with them as they play.

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By adjusting the parameters of your game, you can balance the game for every player. Proactive player relationship management can be achieved by adjusting the game difficulty so your game both challenges experts and rewards novices.

Game balancing can be set-up at any point in the game and is applied live as players play. So you can provide additional resources or make the obstacles tougher. This is essential when your game targets a wide range of players with varying skill levels.

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Drawing on deltaDNA’s powerful analytics toolset and rich event data, SmartAds ensures that each player gets the monetization experience they prefer by segmenting them into either ad responsive or IAP responsive groups, so developers maximise revenue by showing the message that will get them the greatest response.

The platform provides developers with a holistic view of the entire game economy, for the first time in one environment, enabling you to balance in-app purchasing (IAP) and ad-serving with positive player experiences. SmartAds increases total revenue by optimising IAP in games with ads.

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