We collect rich data, validate it
and provide you with an incredibly powerful toolset
to discover insight that you can trust.


Tune into your game with 60+ visualizations and have the freedom to build your own dashboards.

Understand engagement and retention, payment & monetization, players, missions and social engagement. Also compare cohorts and filter your dashboard views against unlimited user-defined deep data segments.

Custom dashboards provides the information you need all in one place. You can set-up and share dashboards for specified individuals or to cover aspects of your game’s performance.

Check out this custom dashboard example.


See how your game’s performance compares with the rest of the industry against retention, payer fraction, and revenue. Also understand your store reviews with text cloud analysis by reviewer rating.

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User Alerts

If something unexpected is happening, you need to know. Daily user alerts act as a great safety net, particularly in large games. KPI alerts can be configured and sent to individuals and groups.

See how PlaySpace employed User Alerts in Loco Bingo.


Direct Access

We create a high performance data warehouse for every game. Direct Access provides secure access to your raw data; and it is unique to deltaDNA. We provide an open environment that allows users to connect their familiar data analysis tools to the database, live.

Our data connection provides security and maintains high performance, enabling in-depth understanding of your data, with queries returned in seconds.

See how DR Studios/505 Games used Direct Access to balance game mechanics in Battle Islands.

Slice & Dice

Slice&Dice solves game design issues with user-defined segmentation and advanced data drill-down. Complex SQL queries can be built with our easy-to-use query designer.

Actionable insights are discovered as a consequence of interrogating all your data and events to understand player engagement in detail. Event counters and access to user tables provide unique understanding of game progression and behavioral differences. Find out more.

See how Angry Mob games used Slice&Dice in Toysburg.

Data Mining

Use SQL to query all of your event level data, user metrics and aggregated dashboard data; and get the results back within seconds.

This is ideal for finding out very specific user level information on any aspect of your game, like kills, XP, currency, session length, opponents fought etc. You can save your queries to the custom dashboard where they will run automatically every 15 minutes.

Discover what it can do for you.


Explore game progress and monetization events with custom funnels. Track players through your game, step-by-step, and understand differences in progress between player segments.

Easily interpreted visualizations identify retention issues surrounding key custom-defined events, often caused by changes to the game.

See how Funnels are used to understand D1 Retention.



The advanced architecture of the deltaDNA platform provides incredibly accurate LTV and retention forecasts for custom and pre-defined segments, from only a few sessions’ data. This forms a key part of our acquisition optimizer tool.

DeltaDNA integrates with attribution companies including Appsflyer, Tenjin, Adjust, Mat and Kochava, so you can use Marketing campaign data to segment your charts, queries and target lists.
Youdagames talks about using LTV forecasting to optimize Facebook Android acquisition in this interview.

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