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The UK Games Industry Analytics Forum is a series of completely FREE events for anyone using analytics professionally to make better games. Held in central London, UK GIAF features an ever-changing mix of industry experts in-the-know, speaking on a wide range of topics. The focus is on sharing knowledge within a friendly and informal environment (topped off with beer & pizza).

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UK GIAF: Spring 2017
took place on March 30th in London

Kindly hosted by Space Ape Games at their offices in London.

GIAF features a changing mix of industry experts in the know, speaking on a wide range of topics. The focus is on sharing knowledge among our community within a friendly and informal environment.

Missed the event? Check out our fantastic line-up of speakers. Video and slides are available in events section.

Spring UK GIAF 2017 featured:

Natasha Latysheva
Data Scientist at Jagex

Understanding and improving games through machine learning

Jagex Games Studio has a diverse games portfolio, including a large MMORPG (RuneScape), a tactical FPS (Block N Load) and a collectible card game (Chronicle). In this presentation, Natasha Latysheva will showcase recent and upcoming data science and machine learning projects at Jagex – including quest recommender systems, player clustering by playstyle, deep learning player lifecycle sequences, and automatic bot and abuse detection – to give a taster of the insights that a machine learning approach can provide, whilst also offering project ideas for your own games.

Isaac Roseboom
Head of Insight at deltaDNA

What the best games know about analytics that the rest don’t

Why do games struggle to monetize and how can analytics be utilized to drastically increase revenues and avoid common monetization pitfalls? In this talk, Isaac Roseboom, Head of Insight at deltaDNA, will demonstrate how successful games use analytics and player insights to best effect. He’ll look at the how they approach onboarding, drive first time purchase, and balance their game economy to maximize KPI performance. You will learn exactly what you need to do to successfully monetize a game and drive repeat spend.

Fred Easey
Head of Analytics at Space Ape Games

Harnessing the power of data in real-time multiplayer games

This talk will cover how data mining in different geographies informed the design process for Space Ape Games’ real-time multiplayer games and how their matchmaking algorithms evolved across three generations of build and battle games. Fred Easey will highlight the methods developed to deal with matchmaking liquidity (in particular for low liquidity situations such as high level players) and give insight into the development of an analytics tech stack to support real-time reporting and analysis for new games.

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