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The UK Games Industry Analytics Forum is a series of completely FREE events for anyone using analytics professionally to make better games. Held in central London, UK GIAF features an ever-changing mix of industry experts in-the-know, speaking on a wide range of topics. The focus is on sharing knowledge within a friendly and informal environment (topped off with beer & pizza).

Missed a past event? Check out our fantastic line-up of past speakers. Videos and slides are available in the events section.


UK GIAF: Spring 2018

took place in London on May 10th

The 18th Games Industry Analytics Forum took place on May 10th 2018 at Ukie’s central London office. It featured guest speakers from global media heavyweight Turner and two iconic developers in Exient & Pixel Toys.



Dan Bergin Holly

Analytics: how & why you are making a mess of it and ruining your analysts’ lives

Having earned a Ph.D from Trinity College Dublin through research focused on combining video games and live performances, Dan went on to apply his knowledge to project management and development with particular focus on the production of games for mobile platforms.

He is currently a Product Lead/Producer on mobile Free-to-play (F2P) titles for Exient.

What was covered

  • Are you making common and avoidable mistakes in dealing with (and hiring) your analytics staff?
  • Are you wasting money on your tool chain?
  • Could you be making expensive errors in your studio processes?
Dan Parkes

Dan Parkes
Data Scientist/Sound Engineer
Pixel Toys

Freeblade – a retrospective

Dan recently celebrated 1 year as Data Scientist & Sound Engineer at Pixel Toys. He designs and implements audio from source through to middleware/engine, as well as working with external partners to guarantee the delivery of top quality audio and music for Pixel Toys’ games.

Dan also oversees strategy for their analytics development, from SDKs to hardware and data management to machine learning.

What was covered

  • How to use data when you haven’t got the resource to tap into it
  • The data you need vs. the data you want
  • The battle between enrichment and immediacy
Matt Sheppard

Matt Sheppard
Technical Solutions Manager

How to make globally successful kids’ games

Matt joined Turner back in 2008 as an Intern and is now Technical Solutions Manager across the EMEA region. In his role Matt has won numerous awards and has a history of delivering successful, complex interactive projects across EMEA, spanning editorial, marketing and advertising initiatives.

Matt’s primary focus within digital entertainment is delivering content for kids.

What was covered

  • How to create a game that will keep kids coming back
  • The importance of localisation in creating a successful kids’ game
  • How to incorporate ads into games for kids

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