About deltaDNA


At deltaDNA, we are all about changing the game to suit the player.
We help developers to make games better with our cutting-edge analytics
and real-time engagement platform, supported by expert consultancy.

DeltaDNA has built its reputation through consistent excellence on two fronts: our products and our people.

The products

The deltaDNA analytics and real-time messaging platform has been at the heart of our operation from the very beginning. In eight years, we have analyzed data from over one billion unique users within the platform. Find out more about its features:

Beyond our technology, we have a hugely respected team of consultants delivering bespoke reports, talks, workshops, webinars, and ongoing support. Find out more about our consultancy output here.

The people

The deltaDNA team is made up of experts across several disciplines. Our Development team works year-round to innovate and upgrade the capacity of our tech, adding cutting-edge features in regular platform releases. The Insight team divides its time between research and client work, improving games through both individual consultancy projects and generic content releases. Finally, our dedicated Sales, Marketing, Support and Client Services teams are there to build and manage relationships with game-makers of all platforms and genres.

deltaDNA team

Mission statement

We are passionate about game design and maximizing the true potential of games on all platforms. It’s our mission to improve player experiences by leveraging deep data technology and industry experience for real-time engagement, intervention, and optimization.

Company history

Company history

In 2010, deltaDNA was founded by games industry veteran Chris Wright and data mining expert Mark Robinson in Edinburgh, Scotland. Part of a burgeoning tech scene in Europe’s data capital, the organization grew rapidly in size, stature, reputation and ambition. 5 years later, deltaDNA expanded its operation to the USA and set up a presence in San Francisco.

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