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Youdagames is a European multi-platform casual games developer with a portfolio of popular titles including Youda Survivor, Youda Farmer and Sushi Chef.

The flagship titles are the Governor of Poker series, with the recently launched latest version, Governor of Poker 3; a multi-player poker game with a difference. Set in the heart of the Wild West, players must journey through old El Paso, winning hands to level-up and unlock unique poker and blackjack saloons.

Hugely popular with casual poker players around the world, Governor of Poker 3 has over 150k MAU online, across Facebook and mobile platforms.

Gov of Poker

Governor of Poker

Marcel Pordon, CCO of Youdagames, spoke to deltaDNA about how the company uses its game analytics platform:

dDNA Why did you decide to choose deltaDNA?

MP About a year ago we started using the same analytics provider as Mytopia, our marketing Partner, but we found it difficult to extract the detailed information we needed. We met with Keith [Sales Director] and Mark [CEO] from deltaDNA and liked their down to earth approach, so we decided to switch. I got the impression that deltaDNA was easier to use, especially for more complex analysis. Although I’m not a technician or data analyst, to my mind, deltaDNA is quite easy to use.

dDNA You have various player segments set up for Governor of Poker 3. What sort of player behaviors has this identified?

MP Sometimes we use segments to explore problems from the perspective of player groups. For example, we had an issue with our push notification provider which prevented iOS players from making purchases. The deltaDNA platform allowed us to analyze what was happening and how it was affecting our high-spending Whales.

We also segment by territory, payers, and progress. There are many more aspects of the Segmentation tools that we plan to explore in the future.

dDNA With the Funnels you have set up in deltaDNA, have you identified any drop off points or issues within your game?

MP Using Funnels has made a big difference to our understanding of how elements in our games perform.

For example, we identified a drop-off which alerted us to a set-up problem within the game.

We had a big drop-off of players when they came to use certain assets, especially on Android, so we needed to change the way we placed them. These now load from within the game, rather than externally. This has helped us improve our player retention.

Governor of Poker screen shot

Players must journey through old El Paso, winning hands to level-up and unlock unique poker and blackjack saloons


dDNA How have you been using our tools to optimize your player acquisition campaigns?

MP We have used the Lifetime Value (LTV) forecasting tool to evaluate campaigns we run through your integration with Appsflyer. The results were very interesting and we will have to re-evaluate our approach. We did an elaborate Android acquisition campaign recently on Facebook and we’re going to do more campaigns in the near future. We are definitely making decisions about the acquisition channels we use based on the LTV calculations provided by the platform.

dDNA What improvements have you seen as a result of these interventions?

MP We hadn’t previously noticed the problem with our push notification provider, but once we had identified that this was affecting how Whales were spending, rectifying it created a 30% improvement to the spending by this group. Similarly, making adjustments to the way we load assets has improved the performance of the game and has increased our player retention by 15%.

These are just two small improvements that have been made in the early stages of our work with the deltaDNA platform. We expect to see even more.

dDNA How do you plan to use the platform to gain insights about Governor of Poker?

MP We will be using the platform to answer our biggest questions. These revolve around, why do people leave the game, at what point do they run out of chips, what level does this happen, and what are the exact reasons for players leaving?

Governor of Poker title image screen shot

Governor of Poker 3, which has over 150 MAU across Facebook and mobile platforms

We will also be using A/B testing. As we have changes in mind for the game and the economy, we need to understand what changes will work best. Perhaps opening up all the saloons or having different offers will make a positive improvement to retention and monetization.

I firmly believe that you can’t just make changes based on instinct. You need to test the consequences before making changes, and A/B testing enables us to do that.

dDNA Do you think deltaDNA has helped you to make decisions on how to improve your game?

MP Yeah, definitely. It’s helped us to understand how our game works in detail. For example, it has identified certain drop-off points and that players are paying quite late in the game, so we need to create trigger points earlier on. So yes, we are using the deltaDNA platform to identify and solve problems, and we will adapt the development of the game based on the insights we’ve learned.


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