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Tamatem is the leading publisher of mobile games in the MENA region and a long-standing user of deltaDNA. Their use of segments and multi-channel messaging provides an excellent blueprint for any developers looking to maximize the lifespan and value of their players with little development effort in exchange for big impact.

The game

Tamatem uses deltaDNA to engage players in 2 games currently, with another 2 soon to be released and integrated. This case study focuses on Tamatem’s hard segmentation and sophisticated campaign strategy in VIP Baloot, which resulted in a 50% increase for revenues from promotions.


Keen to move away from generic promotions, improve engagement, and reduce churn, Tamatem decided to start segmenting their playerbase on a more granular level in 2016.

Since then, they have developed a complex messaging strategy that combines email and push notification with constant A/B testing to ensure that all VIP Baloot players consistently receive engagement content that is both fresh and relevant to them. The specific use cases for each are as follows:


In VIP Baloot, email messaging has 2 exclusive functions: 

  1. Retargeting lapsed players with news of fresh features and updates to prevent churn.
  2. Retargeting lapsed spenders with discount offers and bundles to encourage further purchases.

Push notification

Tamatem uses funnels to see where players drop out of any given flow and then targets them with rewards for resuming play. Campaigns change month to month and no player will receive the same message twice within a 2-3 week period.

On top of conversion and retargeting initiatives, Tamatem uses messaging campaigns to engage players with announcements, user surveys, fun facts, onboarding messages, tournament news and more.

Outcomes and learnings

On both the macro and the micro level, Tamatem’s constant experimentation and optimization has revealed lots about how best to engage their players.

Big stuff

  1. The more segments, the better
    Tamatem is constantly adding segments to its library to facilitate greater precision and sophistication in its messaging campaigns.
  2. Monetization is only one of several successful outcomes
    The majority of mobile game players will never make a purchase in-game, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. By NOT trying to monetize non-spenders and instead serve them other content, Tamatem managed to retain those players for longer and generate value in other ways.
  3. Generic KPI metrics can be deceiving
    In a real-world live environment, there are countless variables affecting players on both the individual and game-wide levels. For example: new features, updates, and acquisition campaigns bring in lots of new users. If there is an influx of new users at the same time as a specific targeted promotion, overall ARPDAU might decrease – even if the promotion performs well with its target segment. Be aware of the wider context and evaluate your actions appropriately.

Specific stuff

By testing anything and everything, every month brings new learnings about how to optimize tiny details and best practices. Some highlights include:

  1. Value comes down to player perception
    Exposing the value of discounts/promotions is crucial to engagement. In VIP Baloot, rigorous testing showed that some players/demographics respond well to percentage stats and others are more likely to engage with multipliers (eg. 10x) or currency totals. Personal opinions on the business side don’t matter – the players show what works best.
  2. Limiting purchase options is crucial
    Some players were buying discount In-App Purchases (IAPs) in huge multiples, which became detrimental to revenues due to the huge values conceded. By limiting the maximum number of times that each player could purchase a single offer/IAP, Tamatem made sure that all parties could get value out of the transaction without negative impact.
  3. Variety is key
    Everyone is looking for a good deal, but surfacing the same offers over and over will reduce their penetration and frustrate players – maybe even to the point of churn. By varying the content and presentation of offers, players were kept interested for longer.

Tamatem’s dedication to testing, iterating, and segmenting has resulted in great progress and uplift ever since they first started using deltaDNA. Operating games for long-term success is all about maintaining enthusiasm and dedication to a constant cycle of measurement, analysis, and engagement. Tamatem does all 3 extremely well, so their results come as no surprise.

“Every day we have new ideas, new segments, new bundles, and new tests that we work on. Using deltaDNA is never static or boring. These tools allow us to learn and improve our engagement strategies on a daily basis, and the results are there for all to see.”

Lamia Shreim, Marketing Manager, Tamatem

“It’s really inspiring to see the various teams at Tamatem collaborating to create new and exciting engagement campaigns with deltaDNA. They combine real expertise in segmentation and targeting with an inventive mindset to keep their players coming back and contributing value for the long term.”

Russell Young, Senior Analyst, Unity Technologies



If you have would like to test deltaDNA engagement technology, sign up for a free trial or contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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