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Platform Release 34 went live earlier today and it’s a big one, so we can’t let marketing steal all the shine.

We, the frontend team (AKA Alpha Squad), have been hard at work over the last few weeks making a number of improvements to the platform and its underpinnings. Here are the R34 headlines that everyone should be shouting about:

  • Expanded event-triggered campaign functionality

  • Campaign simulation

  • Data-mining improvements

  • Mobile-friendly view

  • Background refresh & caching changes

  • End-to-end development progress

We’ll be doing a Feature Focus soon to really get in amongst what’s new with event-triggered campaigns so watch out for that but, for now, here’s the high-level stuff.

Expanded Event-triggered Campaign Functionality

You can now target players with much greater sophistication, when they are most likely to engage with an offer. To illustrate how that’s useful, let’s look at a handful of relevant real-life scenarios. With the updates included in this release, you can now execute campaigns such as:

  • Showing an offer to a player after they have failed a mission 3 times
  • Giving a player a free mega-spin every 50th time they execute a standard spin
  • Providing a special store configuration for a player once every 5th session, up to and including their 30th session but not afterward

Best of all, these situations can be A/B tested. Want to know which session is optimal for showing an offer? Set up your variants, insert a few session numbers and off you go. Our Engage system and SDKs will handle the rest.

Campaign Simulation

Our brand spanking new out-game campaign simulation provides easy visualized explanations for why your players will and won’t flow into any given campaign. Ever wondered why no players are entering your new push notification campaign? Now you can find out before you run it.

Flow of players into campaign categories – Demo Game 

In the example above, players are split into groups based on when they were last involved in an out-game campaign. These groups then flow into different categories based on your set campaign criteria. Players are entered into: this campaign, a higher-priority campaign, or – if precluded by the rules of engagement/messaging limits in place – no campaign at all. 

We’ve all set up a campaign with high hopes, only to realize after the fact that we made a grand total of 13 people eligible for inclusion. Use campaign simulation to test ahead of time and save yourself the heartbreak!

Mobile-friendly Dashboards

We’ve done some tinkering to our analytics dashboards to make them much more mobile-friendly. Charts now stack one on top of the other regardless of dashboard width and chart elements have also been rearranged to scale better for devices with both small and large screens.


🎉 Your charts now look great on mobile too 🎉

Background Refresh & Caching Changes

On login, you can now see the most recently cached version of your dashboards while they load the latest data in the background. This is a great time-saver, especially if you’re logging in frequently. Imagine, for example, that you create a chart one morning and want to view it that afternoon. With this update, it’s right there as you left it!

You log onto the platform because you want to get in amongst the data ASAP, so we made it possible. With cached dashboard displays, you can have your cake and load it too.

This all comes as part of the deltaDNA data-caching revolution. We’ve reworked our entire caching system into a speedy and dynamic in-memory data store using Redis. Using Redis means that the data we cache for dashboards now lives elsewhere. As a result, your cached data is no longer wiped with each release. Instead, it will live on in glorious defiance – ready to be interrogated, analyzed and exported to your heart’s content.

Data Mining

Our Data Mining tool has also received some love this release. We added auto-suggested tables and columns to the editor that are based on the data you have available to query in your game. Our internal analysts have been making great use of this recently and we think that it’ll make a big difference to the daily lives of our data miners out in the wild – no more copying and pasting long column names from the browser sidebar!

End-to-end Development Process

As mentioned in this Release 33 blog post, as part of a larger project on top of our normal releases, we’ve been working tirelessly to improve our entire end-to-end development process. From design and development all the way through to testing and releasing, this work has taken in almost every part of our process. We’re raising our game on automated testing, increasing the number of things we can change via configuration, moving towards continuous integration and deployment, and putting blue/green deployment in place. You’ll soon see the fruits of that labor with more frequent releases that don’t come with any downtime.

We’re confident that these changes will make your experience using deltaDNA better than ever so we’d love to hear your feedback!

Making game management as straightforward as possible for everyone involved – that’s always the focus of our product development. R34 has exactly that impact across a number of key areas within the analytics and engagement process. We’re sure that all of our users will love this release, both as a standalone update and part of our long-term plan.

Michael Forrest, Product Owner, deltaDNA

R34 went live at 8:00 am (BST) on 25th June 2019.



If you have any questions, about the contents of this piece or anything else, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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