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The latest deltaDNA platform release is now live! R32 was primarily focused on streamlining the user experience and improving how we communicate with our platform clients. Here’s what that looks like:


As stated in our 2019 Product Road Map, one of our initiatives for the year is giving you the ability to publish more of what you’ve been working on in the dev environment directly to the live environment.

First and foremost, we’re using R32 to roll out cloning on your most-used campaign type – decision point campaigns. Once we have assessed performance and gathered your feedback, we will proceed to add cloning functionality for:

  • Event-triggered campaigns
  • Out-of-Game (OOG) campaigns
  • Dashboards

If the platform detects conflict/duplicates between the names of existing live campaigns and those being published, a conflict resolution screen will be triggered. Users will then have to confirm their intent to override the existing campaign, preventing accidental loss of work.

In-platform messaging

Rather than simply emailing account owners, we will now surface important platform news and updates within the UI itself. This will keep you, our users, better informed of upcoming releases, plans, articles and maintenance work.

These messages will be available in a notification bar at the top of your window, including a counter showing how many messages you have missed since your previous engagement. Dismiss each message as you read and the next most recent will appear until you are completely up to date.

SQL syntax highlighting

For better, quicker, and easier editing of your SQL queries, we’ve added syntax highlighting and code suggestions to our Data Mining, Out-of-Game and Event-triggered campaign result screens. This new feature colour-codes function words and variables to make complex queries much easier to write, read, understand, debug, and execute correctly.

R32 went live at 7:00 a.m. (GMT) on 27th March 2019 and we ran a webinar on March 28th to go through some of the key features listed above. Check it out here



If you have any questions, about the contents of this piece or anything else, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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