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The latest deltaDNA platform release is now live! R31 included a combination of new features and upgrades including these below:

  • Enhanced visualization of query data (Sankey Charts)

    Sankey charts demonstrate the flow of data and user journeys in a digestible format and highlight trends in user behaviors. They join the scatter plot and atlas visualizations that were introduced last year.
  • Out-of-Game (OOG) improvements

    We have improved our advanced targeting tools for OOG campaigns adding conversion windows, cooldown periods and groups in the conversion criteria.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)/caching improvements

    We have streamlined our page designs and added localized caching to increase the speed of platform loading times.
  • Improved Javascript handling

    We have updated the way in which we include third-party javascript features. This will enable us to implement new features and bug patches more rapidly. Additional features leveraging this will be added in the next release.

We are still running a closed beta for our new Cross Promo tools. This new functionality is specifically designed for games publishers to help manage their portfolio of games and campaigns to promote player engagement across the portfolio. Contact us via the email address below if you would like to discuss further.

R31 went live at 11:00 a.m. BST on 29th January 2019. The Unity, iOS and Android SDKs have been updated in line with the release.



If you have any questions, about the contents of this piece or anything else, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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