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The latest deltaDNA platform release is now live!

R28 marks the introduction of our event-triggered campaign system. Event-triggered campaigns offer a powerful extension to our in-game campaign system by utilizing analytics events to trigger locally cached in-game messaging. With this addition, the deltaDNA campaign system becomes ‘plug and play.’ 

Any event and its parameters can be used as a trigger – any trackable moment in the game can now become a messaging point, to display popups or send data to the game for deep-linking, gifting and more. Event-triggered campaigns also cache on the device and, therefore, persistent internet connectivity is no longer required to run rich and responsive messaging.

As with standard campaigns: event-triggered campaigns support AB testing, using image messages and game parameters, they can be scaled up and down in flight and there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can run within deltaDNA.

In addition to event-triggered campaigns, R28 introduces a number of great features and general platform improvements. See below.

R28 highlights

  • Event-triggered campaigns
  • Scatter plot visualization of query data (for graphical representation)
  • A reintroduced date picker and search functionality for decision point campaigns (for the search and display of campaigns that start and end between selected dates)
  • Updated sorting options with matrix views across the platform
  • Multiple bug fixes to improve the user experience and platform performance

Our Head of Operations, Laurie, will be hosting a webinar demonstrating the new event-triggered campaigns functionality on Tuesday 14th August at 4pm BST (3pm UTC / 11am EDT/ 10am CDT / 8am PDT). You can sign up here. As always, if you’re unable to make the live webinar, there will be a recording of it, shortly after the event, in our Webinar Gallery on the docs site.

R28 went live at 11:00 a.m. BST on 7th August 2018. The Unity, iOS and Android SDKs have been updated in line with the release.

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