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We’re delighted to announce platform release 26 is now live and it’s a big one. Here’s a rundown of all the great new features we’ve added and improvements we’ve made.

We’ve revamped the set-up of the Custom Dashboards. We’ve made it easier to access the Dashboards that are most important to you! You can now:

  • Add Dashboards to your Favourites folder
  • View all your account Dashboards in All
  • See the Shared Dashboards on your account
  • View the Recommended Dashboards that deltaDNA have built for your use. You can then import these templates for your own use and edit them as you see fit. We’ll also be adding more useful templates over time to this folder
  • Don’t worry, all your existing Dashboards will still be available. All the Dashboards that are currently visible in your left hand menu will be found in your Favourites folder
  • You can also find your Dashboards more easily with the ability to add tags, apply filters, and a search function. You can also pin tags to your Dashboards menu to make them easy to find.

We’ve also:

  • Added Metadata to the charts which provides more information on the chart itself
  • Added Help, which provides a description of the query/chart
  • Added the option of displaying your Data Mining results in a Grid View
  • The Measure section of the platform will remain available for the time being, however, it will be removed early next year (we’ll let you know when!).

In this release, we’ve also made changes to the S3 archive function:

  • For any new games that you add to the platform, if you wish to have an archive of your data available to you, please add your S3 bucket credentials to receive event export CSVs for your games
  • For existing games, it’s also worthwhile setting up your own S3 bucket, and the existing data archive will be transferred across to it. From March of next year, you will be required to have set up your own S3 bucket if you wish to receive and access archived data for your games.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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