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There has been no shortage of news and opinion surrounding Nintendo’s new hybrid games console, ever since its announcement last year. The Switch is a home console that turns into a portable, without limiting the gameplay experience. Even though it has received a bit of a mixed reception, there is no denying that the Switch does feature some pretty clever design ideas and opens up new possibilities.

To save you the trouble of sifting through the internet, we have amassed some of the latest opinions and news on the gaming giant’s new console, from Techcrunch, Gamasutra, UK Business Insider, Engadget and Venturebeat; to bring you the most up-to-the-minute news about the console features and the views from a game development perspective.

In this collection, discover Nintendo’s views on the balancing act of appealing to customers whilst also making it work from a business standpoint, the latest innovations and features of the Joy-Con, and developer perceptions.


1. Nintendo talks Switch launch titles, price point and lessons learned – Techcrunch

Brian Heater, from Techcrunch, in his interview with Nintendo’s PR manager, Kit Ellis, goes into detail about the launch, the previous lessons learned and customer expectations.

“If the company plays its cards right, the Switch could play a role in ushering in another golden age for Nintendo – but the console has an uphill battle.”

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2. Developer perspective on Nintendo Switch – Gamasutra

We’ve heard the media and the gamer’s views on Switch, but what do the developers think? Bryan Cashman of Callvention, reveals leading game developer’s insights in Gamasutra.

“The portable experience is their differentiator here. Ultimately if the software offerings impel gamers to take their Switches with them, Nintendo could be on to something.”

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3. The heart of Nintendo’s new console isn’t the Switch. It’s in your hands – Engadget

Mat Smith of Engadget examines the functionality of the Joy-Con (Nintendo’s joystick controllers) in detail such as the nuanced vibrations, flexibility, portability and the motion/shape detector sensor, amongst other features, and why this is the main selling point, not in fact the console itself.

“If games developers try to add nuanced vibration to Switch games, these titles will benefit from an extrasensory dimension.”

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4. Game developers are optimistic about Nintendo Switch sales – Venturebeat

Dean Takahashi of Venturebeat looks at the results of the latest ‘State of the Industry’ survey by the Game Developers Conference in regards to the Switch. He looks at how many developers think that it will outsell the Wii U, how many are currently creating games for the new console and whether or not they think it is the right product for the time.

“Nintendo says the main selling point of the Switch is the ability to switch back and forth between a portable mode and a docked home console. About 48 percent of developers said that they thought that might resonate with the public, but it didn’t seem to be world-changing.”

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