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We are delighted to announce that our company, deltaDNA, the global leader in game analytics and real-time marketing, has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Newzoo, the world’s biggest games market intelligence firm. Together, we will combine data and insights in order to provide clients with a far more comprehensive offering of mobile intelligence and even higher quality service.

Over the past twelve months, deltaDNA and Newzoo have co-operated successfully on several client and joint marketing projects. The partnership has now been formalized and expanded to include joint product development, marketing and client services. Newzoo will provide market data that will inform deltaDNA’s customers, while deltaDNA will bring expertize and knowledge about in-game player behaviors and improvement of player experiences. DeltaDNA will provide aggregated insight from our highly advanced game analytics and real-time marketing platform, used by thousands of developers worldwide, which tracks over 10,000 games and 20,000 unique in-game events per second. One of the first visible results will be a new quarterly publication providing unique insights into the mobile games landscape from a strategic, marketing, and monetization perspective.

Mark Robinson, CEO at deltaDNA: “Newzoo and deltaDNA are both companies that love data, and they have highly complementary activities, data, and expertise. I believe that working closely together and combining our capabilities will make our services even more valuable to our clients. Equally important, we have the same global ambitions and desire to continuously innovate and share our vision with the world.”

In the course of last year, Newzoo formed a dedicated mobile data division, Newzoo Mobile, with a view of creating an independent, single source of comprehensive mobile intelligence (e.g. app store intelligence, device data, consumer insights, in-game metrics, and revenues projections) in combination with a high level of customer service. To achieve this, Newzoo aims to partner with other leading firms, and deltaDNA’s world-leading expertize on monetization mechanisms and in-game metrics is a key first step.

Peter Warman, CEO at Newzoo: “In the mobile data business today there are many companies with valuable data on specific parts of the value chain. With the fast pace of development, no single party is able to offer a comprehensive and complete mobile intelligence service. By working with specialist analytics companies we aim to streamline the process for our clients of accessing and interpreting data from multiple sources. DeltaDNA’s platform insight into traditional metrics such as conversion rates, ARPDAU, ARPPU, and retention rates is great, but their hands-on consultancy experience in helping app publishers to optimize retention and monetization is equally important to us and our clients.”


If you want to improve retention and monetization in your game, contact us to find out how we can help. 


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