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The deltaDNA platform is constantly evolving and adapting in response to feedback from our users. For our 11th release, we’ve enhanced a number of tools while adding in some new features:

New Benchmark Dashboard: Compare your game against four Benchmark KPIs and checkout your review scores & sentiment

 deltaDNA's benchmark tool

New Alerts: For when your graphs go above and/or below your set limits
Alerts chart


Enhanced Custom Dashboards: Set your Dashboards to Private or Public and easily add a chart from Measure

Custom Dashboards screen shot

Enhanced Slice & Dice: Create derived metrics for detailed queries and create counters to track changes

Slice & Dice screen shot


Enhanced Push Notifications: Schedule your push notifications in your players’ time zone, track notifications received and re-target your users



If you’d like help with using any of the tools on the deltaDNA platform, feel free to get in touch with our team who are always happy to help.


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