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We’re kicking off 2019 in style with a bumper release of free content. The deltaDNA monetization guide provides developers and publishers with the blueprint for a successful monetization model in today’s industry.

Game monetization is much more complex today than it used to be and requires a delicate balancing act. This in-depth industry handbook provides a concise breakdown of the KPIs that game-makers need to target if they hope to monetize their games effectively.  Spanning everything from onboarding to advertising and User Interfaces (UI) to User Acquisition (UA), this guide tells you exactly what you need to do (and avoid doing) to hit each necessary KPI.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • Retention
  • Payer fraction
  • In-App Purchase (IAP) pricing
  • Spending habits
  • Whales
  • Ad formats
  • Ad placements
  • Ad value

Analytics, segmentation and player management drive success in games – well-developed games walk the tightrope between delivering engagement and generating revenues. We have seen games succeed and fail in every phase of F2P, so we know how to strike that balance. Sharing our knowledge is central to the deltaDNA philosophy and, with insight and best practice weaving the safety net below, you can proceed with confidence.

Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA

You can download your free guide here.



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