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The Insight team recently took a deep dive into our clients’ stats to analyze the spending habits of players using the latest smartphone models. The results make happy reading for publishers and developers.

Our studies show that the iPhone X, alongside the latest smartphone models from Google and Samsung, is achieving game monetization KPIs up to 270% above the industry average.

In mobile Free-to-Play (F2P) games we typically see between 2-3% of players making In-App Purchases (IAP), with an average Lifetime Value (LTV) of $1.5. However, these monetization KPIs have begun to increase significantly as smartphones become faster, larger and more capable of delivering an engaging gaming experience.

Comprising 1.7 million iPhone 8, iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 devices, the study looked at both the percentage of players going on to spend money on IAPs each day (% daily conversion) and each player’s LTV.  The results revealed the following monetization KPIs:



In contrast, the iPhone 7 achieved a 5.63% payer fraction and a LTV of $1.27. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 achieved 8.33% payer fraction and a $1.70 LTV.

Mark Robinson, CEO, commented: “Making money in mobile F2P games has always been a challenging business. However, this latest study should make encouraging reading for game publishers and developers as it reinforces the trend that better performing smartphone models deliver more positive game monetization KPIs.

“Of course, the large majority of mobile gamers aren’t using the latest handsets but eventually those handsets will be replaced with better performing models and, with some of the latest Apple and Google devices achieving LTV’s of almost $4 and payer fractions of almost 12%, I’m sure developers will be waiting eagerly for this shift to take place.”

Study based on 1.7m handsets across North America in January & February 2018.

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