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The latest features on the deltaDNA platform now allow you to generate game and player insights that no other platform can offer. We’ve specifically focused on beefing up our Slice & Dice tool so that it allows you to quickly and easily ask questions about your game’s performance.

And man, have we beefed-it-up! After the full Drill-Sergeant treatment, our Slice & Dice tool has built muscles on top of muscles, and thankfully it’s not just brawn but brains too. Slice & Dice now integrates with our segmentation tool, this means you can apply your Slice & Dice queries to specific groups of users.

Do you want to know where your Whales come from? Just segment your big spenders and check out their acquisition channels.

Here are some more examples… Player Engagement – What’s the relationship between your Session One Churners and the devices they are using? And what about game items purchased by players who make it further into the game? And how long is the time to first purchase?

Slice & Dice screen shot of the deltaDNA platform


Unique User Insight with new User Table

Events are one thing, but now deltaDNA users have full access to the User Table. This means that we can group events by user to see XP, revenue spend, timing, sessions, location, device and more…

This gives fantastic insight into the way people interact with your game. For instance, you can determine:

  • When players are most likely to spend
  • When they leave
  • Time per session
  • Amount spent per mission
  • Count player currency
  • Determine the last mission a player played before leaving

This insight just isn’t available anywhere else.

Test out Slice & Dice

Sign up for a trial of the deltaDNA platform and use our Measure tools and Slice & Dice functionality free of charge with unlimited MAU. Get to grips with your player behaviors, and then when you want to upgrade to our full suite of Analyze tools, such as Acquisition Optimizer, LTV Predictor, Funnels, Data Mining and Direct Access, or our Engage Toolsets such as A/B testing, targeting and notifications, you can do so whenever you are ready.


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