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Nanobit, a leading Croatian mobile development company, has developed a portfolio of high-quality games and apps that have had more than 40 million downloads. With over 4 million people using their products daily, Nanobit were keen to optimize their monetization strategy without adversely affecting player retention.

The Problem

The company had previously developed their own tools for in-game testing but found these “too difficult to manage and update”, and they distracted resources from their core activity of making games and apps. Nanobit determined that they needed to use an external solution that was flexible and straightforward enough to be widely used.

Screen shot of Chef Town by NanobitChef Town, a cooking and restaurant management simulation game by Nanobit

Picking a Platform

When looking for a solution, Localytics was considered but the platform didn’t have the A/B Testing functionality Nanobit required. They also wanted a system that was focused on games, which they saw as one of deltaDNA’s strengths.

Several other integrated solutions were trialled by the Nanobit team, including Swrve, before they decided that deltaDNA was the “number one analytics tool for gaming companies”, particularly as it offered “a lot more potential than others.”

The Solution

Nanobit used deltaDNA’s A/B Testing tool to test the price of items in their games. “It’s simple”, said CEO Alan Sumina, “you can test just one parameter, like revenue, and see how it performs across all of your players.”

Nanobit split players into three groups and served each with a different pricing scenario:

Group A: Prices reduced by 20%
Group B: Prices kept the same
Group C: Prices increased by 20%

Within a week Nanobit could see that by increasing prices, Group C spent more, and “without a negative effect on retention”.

Diagram showing how Nanobit have used A/B testing to increase revenue

“It’s great because you don’t need much time to program extra functionality, and you can see data that’s tested on real users”, said Alan.

The Results

Alan was delighted with the results; “With just a few clicks you can increase your revenue by at least 20% – 50%.”

Not only was the ease of functionality a big plus point for Nanobit, when they rolled-out the changes to all users, increasing the price by 20%, as predicted they saw a direct increase in game revenues without retention drop-off.

After seeing such strong results, Nanobit now plan to expand their use of deltaDNA’s A/B Testing tool “on a much broader scale for future games”. Alan summarized, “without the use of A/B testing, we wouldn’t have known that we could put in place price rises without losing our users.”



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