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The 2016 UEFA European Championship, is set to be the biggest live sports betting event on the calendar – with 51 matches featuring 24 nations in 13 cities, UEFA anticipates 150 million live viewers of each game.

Online gambling is on the rise and particularly in-game betting, with top in-game betting sites now having more transactions per minute than Amazon UK. We highlight five ways that real-time marketing could be applied during Euro 2016.

  1. Live, in-game second chance to losers

Live betting gives losers a second bite of the cherry and puts them right back in the action, proposing new and unique betting opportunities in-game, using their immediate history as a trigger. While the game unfolds, players can seek either to cover their losses or double their winnings. For instance, players might have a bet that Poland are going to beat Northern Ireland 2-0, but when Northern Ireland score in the first minute, they are then sent odds in real-time for Poland winning 3-1.

  1. Next game chance

Betting apps can make a lot of money from push notifications – during the tournament, there are 13 days when there are multiple matches scheduled on the same day, at different times. This gives players additional opportunities, by sending push notifications to their device based on their success or otherwise in the previous game. You can celebrate with winners, and if they’ve won bets in the first two games, encourage their lucky streak.

  1. National biases

It’s true to say that being a fan can cloud your judgement! Players who have placed previous bets on their home country can be notified of the odds for the next game, or maybe even for rival teams to lose, or to support other teams they are likely to have an affinity with, making the most of traditional national biases. Don’t forget the supporters of teams that have been knocked-out or those who have failed to qualify.

  1. Big odds backers

Some players love long-shots. For these players, there’s a great opportunity to pick big-odds bets and send push notifications to long-shot backers, based on the player’s gambling history. All messages can use A/B testing to optimise content targeting and timing to increase conversion. When optimised, it is possible for push messages to double engagement.

  1. Daily accumulators

With an accumulator you can segment your players, based on the types of risk-taking profile they prefer to adopt and suggest daily accumulators to them that are likely to appeal. Once you know the sort of odds profiles they are likely to bet on, you can make up daily accumulators to the same value and send them out every day at key moments.

Your player data is your most valuable asset. If used intelligently, it can drive revenue, engagement, and promote loyalty. Euro 2016 is set to be the biggest betting event of 2016, so make the most of it using real-time marketing.

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