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Since its launch ten years ago, the iPhone’s polished user experience has always made it the smartphone of choice for gamers, with each player generally spending twice that of an Android gamer.

However, a new study from deep-data analytics and real-time player marketing platform deltaDNA, has found the iPhone’s dominance in gaming could soon be over. Rival smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S and Google Pixel are not only closing the monetization gap, but are actually on course to exceed the iPhone in terms of the Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU).

As well as ARPDAU, the study also looked at the percentage of Free-to-Play (F2P) players going on to spend money each day when using the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Google Pixel smartphone models.

Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S8+, the most recently released smartphone in the study, is not only generating the highest ARPDAU but also has the largest payer fraction, shown below:

We know from previous studies that newer smartphone models always monetize better than their predecessors. In addition, models with super-sized screens also monetize better than their smaller screened equals, but what is clear is that model by model, Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone’s are closing the monetization gap on the iPhone:

“It may have taken ten years for anyone to make a smartphone that can challenge the iPhone for games, our study shows that gamers certainly feel that the latest Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices aren’t far off.Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA, said: “The fact that iOS games monetize better that those on Android is well known, but what’s interesting is how the screen size and performance of the device contribute massively to strong monetization.

“Therefore, as the power and performance of smartphones continues to increase we can expect game monetization to also increase in step with this.”

The study was based on 1.4m players across North America during June 2017.

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