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In this month’s Feature Focus, we’re looking at Event-Triggered Campaigns (ETC). These campaigns allow you to message your players appropriately, in response to their in-game actions.

Sophisticated engagement is what distinguishes the great games from the good (and the bad). If your game isn’t great just yet, ETC could make the difference.

What are Event-Triggered Campaigns?

It’s all in the name! These are engagement campaigns that begin after being triggered by in-game events such as mission fails or milestone achievements. If it’s tracked, it can be used to trigger a campaign.

ETC are the shinier, more robust, and more sophisticated descendants of Decision-Point Campaigns (DPC). They allow for easy construction of intricate campaigns and reduce the workload on your own deltaDNA instance, making everything much faster and less reliant on constant server-to-server conversation.

How do Event-Triggered Campaigns work in deltaDNA?

Whenever players log in with internet connection, their devices are prompted to download and cache the latest assets for possible campaigns. This means that all the content required for campaign execution now lives on the player side, instead of ours/yours.

When a player completes an action that triggers a campaign, they receive the relevant messaging instantly – without having to talk to our servers.

Setting up campaign show/trigger conditions in deltaDNA [Demo Game]

Why should you love them?

  1. You can do WAY more

    Using data events to trigger campaigns (and define audiences) essentially makes the extent of your engagement capabilities up to you. If you’re only tracking 2 data points, your options are limited to combining those 2. Track 10 data points and your potential sophistication goes through the roof – with hugely increased opportunities for bespoke, effective, engagement.

  2. Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger

    These campaigns all work using analytics events that you are already collecting for your general data analysis. As a consequence, ETC are much easier to configure from a developer/marketer perspective. You’re getting better campaigns in exchange for less time, development resource, and brainpower. What’s not to love?

  3. No more over-messaging

    When you have bucketloads of content and offers available to use, it is extremely easy to end up blasting your players far too much. Over-messaging is a waste of resources and makes players far less receptive to engagement. With ETC, it is far easier to limit the quantity and selection of messages sent to each player.

    P.T. Barnum said “always leave them wanting more.”

    We said “give them exactly what they want, when they want it.”

    We’re right.

  4. It’s goodbye to connectivity issues

    With ETC, campaign execution is no longer affected by poor connectivity due to players going through a tunnel, missing their broadband payments, or living in Pyongyang. Better still, the player data missing from their period going AWOL will simply start to populate whenever they next surface online.

Show, don’t tell

Talking up these campaigns is all well and good, but how about some nice use(ful) cases to convince you once and for all. Here are some interesting examples of how you can use Event-Triggered Campaigns to give players the best possible engagement:

  • A/B test offers to players who have failed the same mission three times
  • Give players a free “turbo-spin” after every 50th “normo-spin”
  • Provide players with a special store configuration every 5th session up to 30 sessions, but not afterward
  • Give players an offer as soon as they purchase a specific item or complete a particular mission

As we said back in Chapter 3: Why should you love them?, what you can achieve with Event-Triggered Campaigns is completely to you. For those of you that already have access to the deltaDNA platform, you can see some further examples here. For those of you that don’t, why not?



If you have any questions, about the contents of this piece or anything else, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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