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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: if you’ve built something so clever that only you can use it, you’ve built something stupid.

As excitable developers and engineers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of building technology that is intelligent to the point of becoming cumbersome, unwieldy, and inaccessible.

Truly intelligent technology has guidance and knowledge embedded within it, so that’s what we do at deltaDNA. We build functions and features to run with a degree of autonomy so that you can get a head start.

With a lot of so-called ‘sophisticated’ tools, users are left with a blank page and a whole lot of opaque functions. With us, it’s different. The collective knowledge of every deltaDNA designer, analyst, consultant, marketer, client, intern, and office ghost is surfaced throughout the platform to increase your independence and the scope of your work.


Flat-pack philosophy

One of the most popular features available in the platform is the ability to easily add template dashboards to your private account.

These dashboards have been created by experts on our analysis team to work straight out of the box and surface key insights that we know, from experience, will aid you in the optimization of everything from retention to monetization and onboarding to social stickiness. As curated collections of specific data visualizations, it’s not the functionality or look of these dashboards that makes them unique. What makes them unique is the agency of the know-how within the data, guiding your analysis as a user.

Template dashboards are not themselves editable but you can make totally flexible copies with a simple drag and drop. As with all our work, we find our best results are born of collaboration with our clients.

Still need convincing? Here’s how we built some of our template dashboards to expose key insights:



The Engagement dashboard highlights and juxtaposes key metrics around global player base, DAU, MAU and session information to give a good high-level summary of game performance.



Successfully monetizing players in a sustained manner is one of the biggest challenges faced by publishers. This dashboard exposes all sides of the monetization puzzle from individual player behaviors to whole game revenues.


New Player

Day 1 is the most important day in any player’s lifecycle by far. By analyzing event funnels, conversion rates, session information, retention, and churn rates in the context of ‘Days since Install’, you can evaluate your onboarding and see exactly how effective you are at keeping players at the highest risk of churn.



KPIs are fairly self-explanatory but this dashboard is still optimized beyond what you might think. As well as surfacing several key metrics (sometimes within the same chart), this dashboard allows you to compare your game’s performance cross-platform.


Better, together

The deltaDNA platform is built to facilitate learning and spread the intelligence embedded within – not hoard it. Code doesn’t care about your stress and humans don’t work 24/7 but you shouldn’t be impeded by obtrusive technology or analysts going to bed. With deltaDNA, your analysis is powered by the collective intelligence and experience of everyone involved, at all times.

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