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Even if your mobile game is stupidly good, it’s getting more difficult to get noticed in a market place where everyone and their mother is a developer. Ideally, you want your game to be seen everywhere, and ideally you have a multi-million dollar advertising budget (we can all dream).

Luckily, research has found that a 30% increase in positive tweets is four times more effective at driving sales of video games than a 30% increase in above-the-line advertising like TV advertising. With this in mind, we decided to analyze what people are saying about mobile games on Twitter. Not only were our findings very surprising, they revealed a golden opportunity for mobile games to get noticed on Twitter, irrespective of their store ranking.

There’s not much Twitter talk about mobile game titles

We tracked the top 100 games in the iTunes store at randomly selected times. First, we looked at how often people mentioned the titles of these 100 biggest selling games.

It quickly became apparent that there was a distinct lack of genuine tweets for the most popular games. A huge percentage of their public tweets were either advertising hacks to the games or fishing scams claiming to be hacks. To fully understand the positive effect of tweets, we decided to simply exclude any games that were being abused for scams.

We also found the majority of tweets for games with generic titles were not actually talking about the game, so we removed these too. And once these games were removed, it revealed something very interesting; the most popular games just aren’t being tweeted about. Ever.


(…Well, close to ever).

High ranking games don’t get more tweets

The median number of tweets mentioning each game title was 35. This is a rate of under 1.8 tweets per hour.

Out of the top 100 games, 17 never got mentioned at all.

There also didn’t seem to be any relationship between the ranking of a game and how often it was tweeted about. Even the most highly ranked games just weren’t cropping up in twitter conversation.

How to get more tweets

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, we think there’s a great opportunity for smaller mobile games to get noticed. With store ranking offering no positive effect on the volume of Twitter talk, and with limited competition from the big guns, there’s a real chance here for games that are less easily found.

But if you want to build up a presence on Twitter, then you are going to need to put in some additional man hours;  so develop a plan and keep on top of the latest industry trends in mobile marketing. It’s also worth trying to get a few influential tweeters talking about your game on Twitter. Their street cred can be worth a thousand tweets.

It might not be how you envisaged spending your time when you set out to develop a mobile game, but approaching social media tactically could mean the difference between growing loyal fans and growing despair at your wasted Dev hours. And for that, isn’t it surely worth a shot?

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