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A significant shift to “free to play” (F2P) across all gaming platforms means that it’s critical for developers to find ways to increase player loyalty and engagement – to create a “sticky” experience that translates to increased revenue.

Giving players the kind of game they want means being able to track, anticipate and respond to different behaviors instantly via micro-personalization. But performing that level of in-depth analysis on the colossal amounts of event data streaming in from games, many of which have millions of monthly active users, requires data management that’s smarter – and faster – than ever.

View our free webinar in association with VoltDB “Changing the Game: How deltaDNA Drives Real-Time Player Engagement.”, in the Industry category.

Presented by Chris Wright, co-founder and CTO of deltaDNA, and Ryan Betts, CTO of VoltDB, you will learn more about:

  • The transformative impact of micro-personalization on F2P games
  • The large role in-memory analytics and high-performance data management play in building modern gaming platforms
  • The power of deltaDNA’s VoltDB-enabled real-time Player Relationship Management platform for maximizing player engagement across F2P games, social casino and real-money gambling

Players benefit from a better game. Developers and publishers benefit from loyal players and improved revenue. It’s a win-win.

Ready to change the game?

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