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We are delighted to have been recognised in the EGR B2B Awards, at a prestigious ceremony held at the Hurlingham Club, London, where we won the data analytics partner category. Here are some of the reasons for our success.

Recent performance

During the last twelve months, deltaDNA has experienced significant growth, both in terms of sales and the number of players playing clients’ games and sending data to the platform.

Strong sales in the last two quarters, has resulted in a doubling of players from September 2016 to March 2017. As a result, the platform now processes approximately 25 billion data events and sends 120 million messages each month across games and gambling.

Gambling focus

DeltaDNA provides deep data analytics and real-time marketing services to online, mobile and server-based gambling organisations. We work with operators and game platforms. We combine data from the game with CRM and other data silos to provide a granular understanding of players, and our insight consultancy team works with companies to delineate patterns from the data to deliver actionable insight. Our tools include data mining, dashboards and alerts, acquisition optimisation, granular segmentation for analysis and real-time targeting, feeding campaign testing, push notifications, live in-game messaging, game parameter adjustment to deliver security and targeted personalized offers, email and testing of game mechanics and campaigns.

We address four important issues in gambling; player longevity, problem gambling, sign-up bonuses and fraud.

Extending longevity

We draw on vast experience in Free To Play (F2P) online video games, where understanding players’ behavioural patterns is key to generating revenue through enhancing the in-game experience. The three pillars of our service are analytics, personalisation and gamification.

Data mining and predictive analytics uncover patterns of play, to deliver a personalized experience for each player, enhancing retention by managing their player lifecycle, from the first-time user experience through early life to VIP conversion and management, lapsing players and re-activation.

Managing problem gambling

Our platform uses predictive analytics to identify players with problems, looking at behaviours like repeated high-risk betting after a loss, burning through deposits really quickly, repeatedly leaving only when there is nothing left in the bank, coupled with high return frequencies and depositing patterns.

Using the deltaDNA platform, operators can then instigate real-time messaging interventions like in-game messaging, limiting the size of stake that can be placed based on deposit amounts, offering players the opportunity to opt-in to time blockers, incentivising players to stop playing before they deplete their funds by offering free spins linked to remaining funds at the end of each day, or providing free goes after a player loses heavily, in order to prevent them immediately compounding the loss.

Optimising sign-up bonuses

The draconian conditions around sign-up bonuses stop them from working, as players are sceptical. We help operators to deliver realistic incentives that encourage players to experience the game and prevent abuse through control of the experience a player receives when they take-up the offer. For example, if you want the player to experience a specific slots game with your bonus, the game will take them there, and give them the free spins that apply only to that slots game.

Dealing with fraud

The deltaDNA platform uses game data to automatically identify suspicious patterns of play, that stand-out from normal parameters of game play. It employs live in-game mitigations, while they are flagged and investigated. The platform can be set-up to employ real-time interventions immediately upon the discovery of a potential fraud. These can include, limiting the size of the bets by game/event, quarantining the account pending investigation, requiring authentication of the account, provide warning notifications, stopping users from making deposits/ withdrawals, and controlling how incentives can be applied within the environment.

Customer focus

Our approach is to augment the technology with specialist expertise. The start of the journey is a data readiness assessment to determine the opportunities that can be achieved with the data that’s available. We take a consultative approach to customer support. We help with set-up and training. Our game design consultants play-test the game and suggest an optimum event schema to facilitate analysis and player interaction. Our support team is on-hand to guide customers through every aspect of their analytics journey.

We can offer a complete support program to clients, where we help them with setting-up on the platform and then work with their BI team to help set objectives and help them to understand how their data can be of most value to their business.

However, some customers want to manage this process themselves. In which case the platform is fully set-up for self-service, where marketers and data analysts can respectively create campaigns and undertake complex data mining and analysis.

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