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We’re pleased to announce that we have joined Sony Computer Entertainment Inc’s PlayStation®4 Tools and Middleware Program as a licensed provider of analytics middleware.

The program has always been focused on giving developers access to the best third party development tools and technology on the market, to help them create the best games they can. Therefore, to become a licensed analytics provider is a great achievement for us.

Sony Computer Entertainment has made no secret of its desire to make PlayStation®4 a major destination for free-to-play, and deltaDNA’s unique and powerful toolset has been created with the purpose to help game developers understand their players and create better player experiences, so it’s a great match all round.

PlayStation®4 developers will now be able to use deltaDNA’s unique tool set to ramp-up monetization in their free-to-play games. Developers can use the deltaDNA platform’s advanced deep-data analysis, data mining, segmentation, and live player-engagement capabilities to understand and engage with players on an individual level.

Understanding what motivates individual players is now fundamental to the ongoing success of free-to-play games. Nowhere else is this more the case than in the mobile games industry, where the use of advanced analytics is now commonplace and instep with soaring revenues.

By unlocking their player data, developers can make accurate decisions, target precise player segments, and implement changes that improve monetization and gameplay.

PlayStation®4 developers can currently access deltaDNA via the Unity SDK, while a dedicated deltaDNA SDK for PlayStation®4 is to be released in the coming months.

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