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Growth driven by changing analytics landscape as larger publishers and developers start to take the player experience more seriously

DeltaDNA, the deep-data analytics and real-time player marketing platform, today announced that it has doubled its MAU since September and expects to achieve its next 50M, taking it to 150M MAU, as a host of big new games go live, after experiencing strong growth in the last two quarters.

Since September 2016, the number of active players on the platform has surged by more than 50 million, to reach 100 million per month, with the platform also now processing approximately 25 billion data events and sending 120 million messages every single month.

Major publishers and developers such as Wargaming, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Square Enix Montréal are already using deltaDNA, which helps them build better player experiences through the collection and analysis of rich player data. In the last six months, deltaDNA has signed new enterprise agreements with dozens of large developers.

The catalyst for this growth is due in part to a realisation amongst larger publishers and developers, that despite having millions of players and achieving chart topping monetization, they don’t know enough about their players and how they interact with various ads and offers. As a result, these big developers are actually missing out on significant revenues; a factor that will have influenced King’s recent decision to acquire analytics firm Omniata.

In addition, deltaDNA’s intelligent player-focused ad mediation platform, smartads, which launched less than two years ago, is also gaining real traction. Impressions across the platform are now growing at a rate of 10 million per month, as developers slowly begin to understand how best to integrate ads in their games.

Mark Robinson, Chief Executive of deltaDNA, said: “In the last twelve months there’s been a real shift in the analytics landscape. Traditionally, the market’s been more driven by mid-sized developers, but now we’re seeing the big guys begin to realise just how much money is being left on the table, and recognizing the opportunities to improve the player experiences deeper within their games, even though they are already successful.

“We’ve been able to benefit significantly from this changing tide, which since last year has enabled us to add an additional 50 million MAU to the platform, helping us pass 100 million MAU, and to shortly hit the 150 million MAU milestone, which is just fantastic.”

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