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Partnership allows users to segment, analyze and message players throughout the entire player lifecycle.

DeltaDNA, the deep-data analytics and real-time marketing platform, today announced a partnership with mobile infrastructure company Tenjin, that will allow deltaDNA users to segment, analyze and message their players throughout the entire player lifecycle.

By accepting game data from Tenjin’s powerful attribution tracker, deltaDNA customers can now track and evaluate multiple ad campaigns, measuring them against player LTV to better optimize ad spend. The attribution data can also be used to segment their app audience, and target players with more personalized messages and promotions.

DeltaDNA’s analytics platform allows Tenjin customers to see dozens of visualizations of player behavior and monetization. Player segments can be A/B tested for game features, or targeted in real-time with in-app messaging. Both Tenjin and deltaDNA will also warehouse customer data, allowing for data mining with deltaDNA’s tools, as well as third party SQL toolsets.

Mark Robinson, CEO at deltaDNA, said: “With the cost of acquisition set to remain high, it’s vital that publishers and developers are able to really optimize their ad spend by evaluating the effectiveness of each campaign, throughout the player lifecycle.

“As a result, we’re excited to be partnering with Tenjin, as its attribution technology will provide our customers with a better understanding of where their players come from and the value they bring to the game.”

Christopher Farm, CEO at Tenjin, added: “Partnerships like Tenjin and deltaDNA are a hint at the possibilities of future game development. With this simple integration, understanding the full user lifecycle becomes easier and more automated, allowing app developers to optimize user acquisition, engagement and monetization campaigns using the best tools on the market, all from a single source.”

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