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Vertica database to power advanced predictive modelling capability and high performance big data mining.

1st, October 2014, Edinburgh: deltaDNA, the Player Relationship Management platform, today announced a strategic partnership with HP Vertica, the analytics platform of choice for the games industry’s biggest publishers and developers including Ubisoft and Supercell.

The deltaDNA platform allows online game publishers and developers to collect, analyse and segment player data to improve experiences and engagement.  The toolkit enables users to set up realtime targeted messages to shape the game environment for specific player segments and makes games responsive to different playing styles.

deltaDNA’s platform has been designed to specifically manage the volume of data generated by millions of monthly players of free-to-play games, social casino and real-money gambling.

The power of the Vertica database underpins deltaDNA’s advanced analytics and realtime personalization functionality.  Sophisticated predictive modelling allows publishers and developers to accurately forecast how much money players will spend and when they are likely to leave the game.

As part of its strategic partnership with Vertica, deltaDNA will be providing Vertica performance as an integrated part of their platform.  deltaDNA’s new Direct Access module allows users to benefit from the incredible performance of Vertica combined with deltaDNA’s sophisticated toolset.

In addition easy integration with familiar third party tools such as Tableau and R really unlocks the data asset often underused in big data organizations.

Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer, deltaDNA, commented: “Vertica is widely regarded as the best database technology for analytics in the market and the platform of choice for major publishers and developers, so we’re delighted to be strengthening our relationship with them.

“With Vertica underpinning our rich analytics and personalization functionality, clients can effectively manage and interrogate their data at a depth, speed, scale and reliability which is typically only available to very large businesses.”

Joel Brunger, UK & Ireland Sales Manager, HP Vertica, added: “As a company at the forefront of big data analytics in Online Games, we’re delighted to be working with deltaDNA.

“The speed of Vertica combined with rich functionality of the deltaDNA platform enables game producers to undertake train-of-thought analytics and engage with players in real time, to make game personalization a reality.” 


VentureBeat – DeltaDNA’s and HP Vertica’s database research tools help you learn about your players – DeltaDNA and HP Vertica strike up strategic partnership to improve data management

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