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In our first Feature Focus, we explored how deltaDNA uses Sankey Charts to visualize data flow and player journeys within a game. This time, we’re examining how our cross-promotion tools allow you to analyze and guide player journeys across entire game portfolios. Maximize your acquisition ROI by extending player lifecycles to multiple titles.

NOTE: for the purpose of this article, we have taken screenshots while using cross-promotion tools to analyze data from our Brick and Snake demo games

What is cross-promotion and what distinguishes ours?

The basic definition of cross-promotion is promoting more of your own content/games to your existing players.

Historically, players have existed – at least, in an analytics sense – for the duration of their lifecycle within a single game. The more sophisticated toolkits can build up a complex player profile between install and churn but, as soon as the game is abandoned, that player disappears completely. All data and learning are lost, and they will appear as another unique user at their next download.

With our cross-promotion tools, the lifetime of players is greatly extended. By guiding players through a portfolio of games, gathering rich data all the while, publishers can build up an even more detailed picture of their players. This allows them to deliver more optimized experiences and lead the right players to the right games at the right time, extending their relationships with both individual games and whole portfolios.

Until recently, targeted cross-promotion meant little more than genre-matching – pushing puzzle games to players of puzzle games, and so on. We can now use predictive modeling and detailed player profiles to inform a much more sophisticated cross-promotion strategy, for example: targeting historic spenders with IAP-focused games and frequent ad watchers with ad-focused games.

Rather than simply trying to prevent churn, why not instead provide players with a suitable place to churn to when you detect them preparing to abandon? Do that, and everybody wins.

Campaign creation and targeting with cross-promotion

How does it work?

Using the updated SDK and cross-promotion tools, the deltaDNA platform works much in the same way as before. It collates and visualizes data from multiple games as it does single titles.

All publishers have to do is integrate their chosen games with a common identifier. Any subsequent event triggered by a unique user in any of the integrated ‘source’ games will be documented and available to analyze as part of a larger dataset – the ‘metagame’.

‘Common Identifier’ cross-game identity event template

Why is it useful?

The availability of cross-promotion transforms User Acquisition (UA) strategy because it makes each individual acquisition so much more valuable. Previously, convincing a player to install five games required expensively ‘acquiring’ that player five times because each individual churn made them anonymous again. With the right engagement – informed by great analytics – publishers can now theoretically secure installs for all of the games within their portfolio from just one acquisition spend.

From an analyst’s standpoint, the value of having publishers decide their own common identifiers really shines through when creating multiple metagames. If you develop titles in two distinct genres, for example, you can create a metagame for each to unlock trends and insights not visible at either game or publisher level.

Our two ‘source’ games either side of their ‘metagame’

The next step for analytics

Cross-promotion signifies a sea change in how we track, analyze and manage players across multiple games. It also completely transforms user acquisition (UA) strategy. We first made cross-promotion available to our users as part of a closed beta at the end of 2018. We were blown away by the enthusiastic response and that, above all else, confirmed our belief that cross-promotion is the next step in the pursuit of enhanced player experiences.




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