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How to effectively manage the whole of the game economy in one tool

There are a bewildering number of options when selecting technology to help you build great games. So amongst all the attribution, backend services, analytics, messaging and mediation partners, how do you know you are making the right choice?

Often the marketing does not help. Especially in analytics, many claim but few deliver. That is why, at deltaDNA, we have created the following checklist to ensure you have a holistic view of your requirements. Of course, we hope this makes a compelling case for deltaDNA.


Powerful technology

Many technologies claim analytics as key functionality but often analytics only equals dashboards. There are two types of analytics – reporting (dashboards) tell you what has happened in the past – usually one metric at a time – and data mining which generates insights that can be actioned. Player-first development requires access to high performance data mining. The ability to drill down into the data to uncover hidden truths is essential for well-balanced games. If your analytics is dashboard focused then this is not sufficient.

To understand the difference check out our PeopleFun case study which showed how the difficulty curve could be adjusted to make the game less easy for expert players and give them a more rewarding experience. This is analytics.

For data mining to deliver, the data science team needs to move at the same speed as the business. This means rich and deep data in the right format for responsive querying – all within a high-performance database. This capability is at the heart of deltaDNA allowing our clients to unlock their data and make decisions based on actual behaviors and not gut instinct.

If your queries are not coming back in seconds and minutes then you need better tech.


Designed for games

Many tools are not built for the video games industry. DeltaDNA is the only analytics tech built specifically for video games. Our data structures support all game genres so that metrics, segments, and targeting are all easily defined. The level of embedded intelligence in deltaDNA surpasses all other tools. Acquisition channel profitability, predictive models for lifetime value and churn, auto-generated segments and default messaging strategies are all available to fast-track the rewards from using our toolset.


Actionable insights

No other provider is as strong as deltaDNA in platform support and consultancy. Our consulting team has worked with 100s of developers helping them make great games. The team includes data engineering, game design, analytics and messaging strategy experts. This resource is on tap to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment in deltaDNA.

But the key is making analytics actionable. Understanding players allows you to manage them effectively. Some marketing tools put the campaign first not the player. Appropriate, timely and intelligent player communications come from analytics. A messaging strategy that delivers is based on player insight across all your channels including real-time in-game messaging, push notifications and email.


Player experience

And finally, keeping the player experience front of mind led deltaDNA to create our smartads mediation tool to allow developers and publishers to manage the whole game economy in one place. Now, this is truly unique. Most mediation tools have no concept of the player. And generate their income from their own networks. This is a problem. Smartads by deltaDNA brings a powerful toolset that delivers independent and transparent mediation to maximize your ad revenues which are unbiased by ad network demands.

Effective player engagement and monetization through ads and IAP requires knowledge of your players. That is at the heart of deltaDNA – and always will be.

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