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Expertise and technology are both essential to the process of making games better. Our value to game developers comes from combining the two for unrivaled results.

The deltaDNA consultancy team has provided different design and analysis reports for years, but the interactive workshop format is a way to explore insights on a deeper level.

In 2019, we sent a team of senior deltaDNA analysts and designers to Barcelona to host a Free-to-Play (F2P) masterclass workshop for our long-term friends at Social Point.


We provided extensive data-driven reports and design recommendations for Social Point’s Word Life and Tasty Town titles. Based on playtesting and intensive data analysis, these reports gave us a great platform to explore F2P and LiveOps best practices in reference to specific games, and dig down into the recommendations that we made.

The Workshop

Over 2 days, we explored the key best practices in F2P game development and post-launch operation and then took extensive sessions with the respective games’ development teams.

Day 1: F2P Design & LiveOps

After introductions, Day 1 was split thematically into 2 halves. During the morning, our senior game designer presented a review of the F2P industry followed by an in-depth explanation of why games fail and the best practices that prevent such failures.

In the afternoon, CPO Isaac Roseboom walked through our approach to analytics and gave a highly detailed breakdown of data-driven LiveOps. Using anonymized data from a suite of comparable games as evidence, he demonstrated the effect and optimal deployment of
different engagement strategies. Finally, the day was rounded off with a session examining how to get the most out of A/B Testing and measure uplift.

Day 2: Breakout Sessions

On Day 2, we split into development teams for open discussions. The idea was to explore themes and topics referenced in the Word Life and Tasty Town reports in greater detail. As the conversations were flexible, we were able to go deep on specific areas of the report and tackle any other design/analysis concerns, challenges, or questions.

These intensive sessions were incredibly valuable, as they allowed us to cover all the crucial elements of F2P game operation in reference to real-world examples and the games that the teams at Social Point were immersed in daily.


The development teams from Social Point had the opportunity to discuss design and analysis concerns with senior deltaDNA analysts and designers and benefit from benchmarking and comparing with other games. Overall this helped the development teams to improve their roadmaps and had a positive effect on the games’ performance during the following months.

Pasqual Batalla, VP Operations & Corporate Development, Social Point

Our ongoing relationship with Social Point typifies how we set out to collaborate with every single client – over multiple games and many years. We are both in a fantastic position and that is thanks, in no small part, to each other.

Mark Robinson, GM, deltaDNA



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