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Since 2016, Kirsty has been the careful guardian of the deltaDNA brand. She has a very particular set of skills. Skills she has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make her a god-send for people like us.

If you use the correct imagery, that will be the end of it. If you don’t, she will look for you, she will find you, and she will provide you with the relevant files in all the necessary formats.

Kirsty Love, Brand Manager, deltaDNA

How to get a bucket down a well:

Favorite item of luggage: Case

Most important vitamin: D

What do you want people to think of when they see deltaDNA branding?


I want people to know that we are the games experts and the first port of call for developers who need help. People in need of advice need to think that we’re approachable. Whether that’s getting the most out of the deltaDNA platform, or doing some design work with the consultancy team, I just want people to trust that we can help.

A lot of people first get to know us through our blog articles on best practices and data insights. They’re always a pleasure to read* so I try to reflect and enhance their tone with engaging imagery that’s fun and enticing to users on the website. I want our personality to come through during someone’s very first experience of the brand.

*This sentence comes to you organically, unedited, and with almost no payment involved.

How much has the brand changed since you first joined deltaDNA?

Our branding and tone has increased in personality, for sure. It now better reflects the company itself and our people – fun, engaging, interesting, interested, passionate and hard-working. We are concise without being needlessly formal.

The marketing team has also had a fair few facelifts since I started and branding decisions are now pretty much exclusively on my shoulders. I hate to get philosophical, but it feels as if I’ve grown in parallel with the brand. We’re more decisive, experienced, confident, and bold now than we ever have been.

What do people get wrong most often when using our branding online?

The logo. Oh, the logo. The logo changed just after I first joined, in February 2016, and I still see people using the outdated version. Every time I see it, I die a little inside.


I’d kick myself if I didn’t use this platform to clarify one thing: it is always written as ‘deltaDNA’ with a small ‘d’, unless at the start of a sentence, and will be forevermore.

If you want to contribute towards Kirsty’s ongoing happiness and stability, you can download the correct logo here.

Are there any brands out there that you find inspiring? Why?

I had to think quite hard about this one. I’m always being inspired by illustrations I see but I don’t think I’ve yet brought much into deltaDNA from any specific brand. That said, I really like how Bulb go about their marketing – especially their onboarding and communications.

Even though I’ve only interacted with Bulb through online forms and email, I have always felt as if I was talking to a human in some way. A lot of that’s down to the tone of voice and I’d like to think that we can do more with our own communications to emphasise the humanity!

On a totally unrelated note, I get a finder’s fee for anyone that I can convince to switch from their current energy provider to Bulb. But that doesn’t matter. This is about the branding. I love making money the brand.

Who was the most difficult staff member to capture in avatar form?

Without wanting to toot my own horn, I’ve actually found that stuff quite easy. Because I see a lot of these people every day, it’s not that difficult to get an understanding of what makes them stand out in terms of style and personality. If I was pushed for an answer, I’d guess that I’d say some of the guys that work overseas or in different locations. I don’t get to see them as much so I have less to go on, but I haven’t been fired or disciplined yet.

What is your ultimate nightmare as a brand manager?

My ultimate nightmare goes like this:

Someone gives me some kind of document or presentation for a ’quick check’ just before a deadline, I open it up, and it’s teeming with stuff that needs changing. I’m talking about old logos, random pieces of stock imagery, colors so harsh that you need sunglasses on…

Also, I’m wearing all my clothes back-to-front and my fingers are parsnips.

As I’m just one person, time is the big thing I need. People are far better at giving me notice than they used to be, but I could always use more.

Your background is design – what skills do you need to succeed in design?

Well I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, but I’m not actually convinced that a university diploma is the most important thing. I learned most of my useful skills through experimenting with different tools and doing online courses.

My advice to someone starting out:

  1. Practise working to immediate deadlines and quick turn-around projects
  2. Play around with software whenever you can
  3. Build 👏 that 👏 portfolio 👏

Having a degree is good for getting yourself noticed but the everyday stuff is what counts. Understanding how to interpret different briefs and producing good work under time pressure – those are the skills that have seen me through.



If you have any questions, about the contents of this piece or anything else, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you to the relevant person.


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