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Many people consider a black cat crossing your path to be lucky, but on Black Friday, Genix Lab made their own luck with their Fancy Cats game by running targeted offers to their player base, using deltaDNA’s real-time marketing tools.

Created by Genix Lab and published by All 4 Games, Channel 4’s publishing arm, Fancy Cats is a F2P mobile match three game with a feline twist. The puzzle game provides rewards that help you to fill your fancy garden with over 30 species of fabulous fancy cats, each with their own unique talents!

Paw-some offers

Fancy Cats Developer, Phong Thai, of Genix Lab, who was also the Developer behind Game42, which was named as one of 40 best iPad games of 2013 said, “It was the very first time we experimented with in-game promotions. We identified four different offers, which we promoted to four different player segments.



Our objective was to use purr-suasion to up-scale our players, converting non-payers to payers, minnows to dolphins, and dolphins to whales, to increase our sales revenue.

By using deltaDNA’s auto-generated segments, we split our players into four groups and tailored the offer based on their user behavior in Fancy Cats:

1. Engaged non-payers: for players that are engaged with the game but have not made any IAPs,we offered them a Sparkle package for $.99 to encourage them to make their first IAP.

2. Minnows: for players who have paid something, but have spent less than $25 in the game, they received a Super offer for a more valuable $4.99

3. Dolphins: for players that have spent a certain amount of money in the game, we offered them a Super Fan offer for $19.99

4. Whales: for players that have spent generously within Fancy Cats, we offered them a Purrfect package for $39.99.


We used in-game messaging, as you can see in the screenshots above. When players opened the game or when they returned from a matching puzzle, they would see the pop-up. As a follow-up, if they dismissed the pop-up, the game would still display a small button with a countdown timer as part of the whole UI of the game, so that they can re-consider the promotion at a later time.

In the future, we plan to utilize the deltaDNA platform to implement more advanced player targeting mechanisms. We hope to create more points in the game where we can show offers that trigger automatically based on individual player behavior. This will enable us to run promotions all through the year and provide a personalized experience to players. We will also A/B test different offers so we can find the optimum price and reward levels for these segments, and track their effects on future expenditure.

Paws-itive results

As a result of these promotions, our monetization increased by 600% and continued at a higher rate after Black Friday. We continued afterwards, running a Cyber Monday campaign and a Weekend Deals campaign, which generated a 200% revenue increase, when compared to the same days in previous weeks.

Black Friday Conversion: 1.14%
Cyber Monday Conversion: 0.72%
Weekend Deal Conversion: 0.98%

Phong said, “We couldn’t believe the Black Friday results where fur real, they really were claw-some! The best we’ve ever seen.

“After using it, I have to say, deltaDNA is a purr-fect system for our free-to-play Fancy Cats game, and for any F2P games that require solid and powerful player analytics and real-time engagement player engagement and automation.”

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