The deltaDNA platform provides end-to-end player management technology for game-makers

Watch this short video for more info


The deltaDNA platform provides end-to-end player management technology for game-makers

Watch this short video for more info



The deltaDNA platform provides all the tools you’ll need to perfect each user’s gameplay experience. Transform retention, monetization, and engagement KPIs through constant optimization.


Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box charts that demonstrate trends across a range of key metrics. Understand retention, engagement, In-App Purchase (IAP) revenues, ad performance and more, segmenting players by any combination of characteristics. 

Fully flexible custom dashboards facilitate the exploration of data at a deeper level, allowing you to hone in on any data aspect that you choose.




See how your game’s performance compares with the rest of the industry against retention, payer fraction, and revenue. Understand user feedback and identify issues through commonalities in reviews.

Direct access

Stored in an open environment that allows for connection of your favored analytics tools (such as dBeaver, Tableau, and R), your data is easily accessible at all times.

The deltaDNA platform provides a secure data connection that maintains high performance and returns SQL queries in seconds, enabling analysis of your data that is both instant and deep.

  • "DeltaDNA is an incredible analytics solution for game industry needs. It can process huge amounts of data extremely fast - no matter the scale of the game - and provides clear, visual, actionable insight to dev teams. It also provides a suite of operational tools for segmentation and differentiating specific player experiences, allowing marketing teams to maximize the value per player."

    Nvizzio Creations Sylvain Constantin, Senior Producer


Slice & dice

Identify specific issues and trends with this tool that makes advanced data drill-down simple – no SQL required. Normally complex queries can be built with ease using our drag-and-drop UI.

Understand player behaviors and game progression through analysis of both standard and custom dimensions and measures.

Data mining

Interrogate all event-level data, user metrics, and aggregated dashboard data with SQL, using queries that return results within seconds. Save your queries to a custom dashboard, where they will update automatically, for ongoing analysis.

This feature is what your analysts will use for all their heavy lifting. It’s perfect for gleaning very specific user-level information on all aspects of your game.





Custom funnels track players through game processes. They highlight progression trends and key crisis points.

Solve retention issues quickly by identifying where, and why, players are abandoning the game.

  • "DeltaDNA has been a complete game-changer for our business. We use every aspect of the platform to customize the gaming experience for each player, resulting in net increases to ROI, retention and other KPIs. DeltaDNA is an invaluable tool that our team relies on day to day to grow our portfolio of games and their reach in the app ecosystem."

    Random Logic Andrew Stone, CEO

Acquisition optimizer

Access accurate Lifetime Value (LTV) and retention forecasts for both custom and pre-defined segments, calculated from just a few sessions’ data.

Use external marketing campaign data to segment your charts, queries, and lists – deltaDNA integrates with key attribution companies such as Appsflyer, Tenjin, Adjust, MAT, and Kochava.


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