Ad management

User-level data and total control of ad strategy

Ad mangement


Once again, we’re changing what it means to manage the whole game economy.


AdVantage leverages user-level data from both In-App Purchase (IAP) and ad revenues to calculate the true Lifetime Value (LTV) of each individual player. Access to this centralized information transforms acquisition, engagement, game-balancing and IAP strategy.


All data is available to view at a portfolio level (comprising multiple games) and publishers can negotiate terms directly with ad networks.

Unrivaled granularity

Consolidating user-level data across both IAP and ad revenues is the next logical leap in the evolution of analytics. By collating ad data aggregated at the level of individual events, impressions and users, we provide game-makers with the most reliable and accurate data possible.

Unrivaled granularity
User acquisition

User Acquisition (UA)

Combining the overall (predicted and actual) LTV of players with attribution data allows publishers to evaluate their true acquisition ROI. Most analytics solutions obscure the big picture by keeping data siloed in individual dashboards. Work out Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) then adjust UA strategy accordingly.

Strategic optimization

Segment players

Segment players based on ad consumption and target them accordingly.

Best eCPM

Pinpoint which ad networks, formats, placements, and frequencies provide the best eCPM.

Targeted Vs IAP

Implement targeted ads vs IAP strategies in real time with game-balancing.

A/B test

A/B test reward types and values according to player behaviors.

Modeling & visualizations

AdVantage uses transparent revenue data spanning the whole economy to surface (predicted and actual) LTV figures for both ad and IAP alongside one another.


Both standard out-of-the-box charts and flexible customized visualizations are easily added to dashboards to illustrate trends and speed up optimization.

Modeling & visualizations
Cross-promotion & portfolio management

Cross-promotion & portfolio management

Viewing data at portfolio level, covering multiple games simultaneously, allows publishers to manage player relationships and lifecycles much more effectively. Cross-promote IAP-focused games to IAP-focused players and likewise with ads, making each acquisition exponentially more valuable through relevant rewards campaigns.


As publishers and developers, we completely understand your need for full control over your relationships with ad networks and mediators. With AdVantage, you can eliminate confusion and inconsistency by agreeing terms on required fill, impressions and eCPM.

Advertising strategy

Advertising strategy

AdVantage provides you with the tools to optimize ad strategy, but tools are only effective with the right expertise behind them. With a bespoke Advertising Strategy report, our analysts will evaluate your game’s current strategy and point out potential opportunities. The report takes in key focus areas like ad format, placement, rewards and associated game mechanics.

Make use of our vast experience and become experts yourselves! Check out the example report and get in touch to arrange your review.


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